Committee of Supply 2022



Several key housing announcements were made at the Ministry for National Development’s Committee of Supply Debate on 8 March 2022. Read on to find out how we plan to keep public housing accessible, inclusive, and sustainable for Singaporeans. 

Helping families in public rental housing fulfil their aspirations to own a flat

To make owning a flat more affordable for second-timer families with children and who are living in public rental flats, HDB will further enhance the Fresh Start Housing Scheme through the following measures:

  • The Fresh Start Housing Grant will be increased from $35,000 to $50,000. Eligible families will receive an upfront disbursement of $35,000 into their CPF Ordinary Account at key collection. Another $15,000 will be disbursed into their CPF Ordinary Account in equal tranches, over five years after key collection.
  • Besides buying 2-room Flexi flats, families will also have the option to buy 3-room flats with lease lengths of 45 to 65 years in five-year increments, as long as the lease of the flat can cover the youngest applicant/ spouse-occupier up to the age of 95. Such flats will be more affordable and ensures that families can purchase a home for life.

More details on the enhanced policy will be provided later.

Supporting households who face difficulties selling their flats due to Ethnic Integration Policy (EIP)

Over the years, HDB has been assisting EIP-constrained flat owners who face difficulties selling their flats, by giving such flat owners more time to sell their existing flat if they have purchased another one. We have also waived the EIP limits in exceptional circumstances, so that they can sell their flats to buyers from any ethnic group.

To complement these measures, we will buy back flats from eligible flat owners who face genuine difficulties selling their flats at a reasonable price, due to the ethnic quota. Here are the details:

  • HDB will assess each request for buyback assistance, taking into consideration the specific circumstances of the household
  • Once a flat owner is assessed to be eligible for buyback assistance, HDB will appoint an independent professional licensed valuer to value the flat
  • HDB will determine the buyback price and make an offer for the flat at a fair price
  • Flat owners can take up to 3 months to decide if they wish to accept HDB’s buyback offer

ethnic integration policy eligibility  2022

ethnic integration policy announcement example 1 2022

ethnic integration policy announcement example 2022


Meeting strong demand for senior-friendly housing

Besides ongoing efforts to upgrade and retrofit existing flats to support seniors who want to age independently, HDB has also introduced integrated developments such as Kampung Admiralty, which bring together housing for seniors, healthcare, community, and commercial facilities to meet the diverse needs of seniors.

In 2021, we also launched a pilot Community Care Apartment (CCA) project in Bukit Batok to provide seniors with the added option of assisted living . With the strong demand for senior-friendly housing, we will launch a second pilot in Queenstown this year.

More details will be provided later.

Making our HDB towns more sustainable

As part of HDB’s Green Towns Programme, HDB has been installing solar panels on HDB blocks to harness solar energy to power common services. With the installation of more solar panels, we are on track to achieve solar power generation of 540 MWp by 2030. We have also been converting the top decks of suitable multi-storey carparks into urban farms, community gardens, and skyrise greenery to increase green cover and enhance liveability.

To promote greener commutes, we will be installing more Electric Vehicle charging points within HDB car parks and build more dual bicycle racks in HDB estates. E-waste recycling bins will also be provided in HDB estates for proper disposal of electronic items, to reduce the impact of e-waste on the environment.