Coupon Parking

If you are parking at a car park with the parking coupon system, and do not have a valid season parking, you need to display valid parking coupons. You can also choose to pay for parking charges digitally through the mobile app at these car parks.

These are the different types of parking coupons available:

Motor Car


Motor car

Hourly or Half-Hourly Day Parking Coupon

The coupons are available in booklets:

Denomination No. of Coupons Value per Booklet
$0.60 20 $12.00
$1.20 10 $12.00
$2.40 5 $12.00

These coupons can be used when you park your vehicle in HDB/ URA coupon car parks during designated parking hours. These coupons can only be used to park at a specific car park, and cannot be used in a different car park. Please read the car park's signboard for the parking charges.

Here are samples of the coupons: