• Published Date: 17 Apr 2017

    We are pleased to introduce our new e-Service, which replaces manual forms for flat buyers to:

    a) Authorise CPF Board with the withdrawal of their CPF monies to pay for their flat purchase; and

    b) Declare their health status to CPF Board for coverage under the Home Protection Scheme

    Flat buyers attending their first resale appointment from 2 May 2017 will have to login to the new e-Service using their SingPass and a One-Time Password. The One-Time Password can be sent to their mobile phone or generated through a OneKey token for 2-Factor Authentication (2FA).

    We seek your help to inform your salespersons to advise their clients, i.e. resale flat buyers who are using their CPF savings for their flat purchase, to get ready their SingPass and bring their mobile phone or OneKey token when they attend their first resale appointment. Those who have yet to register and activate their 2FA will need up to 10 working days to do so, before they can use the new e-Service.

    For more information on SingPass and 2FA, salespersons and their clients may access the following:

    a) SingPass (link)

    b) 2-Factor Authentication (link)