• Published Date: 23 Mar 2018

    Submission of Resale Application by 31 March 2018

    The HDB Resale Portal was launched on 1 Jan 2018, and all resale applications are processed via the portal. For resale transactions where the sellers have granted the Option to Purchase on or before 31 Dec 2017, the resale applications must be submitted by 31 Mar 2018. We will not accept any of such resale applications after this date. 

    Salespersons are advised to review their resale transactions on hand and ensure that all outstanding resale applications of this nature are submitted (inclusive of both the seller’s and buyer’s portion) by 31 March 2018. 

    Pointers on HDB Resale Portal 

    Separately, we would like to share some pointers on the HDB Resale Portal for salespersons to note and follow-up to facilitate the processing of the resale applications. We may reject or cancel any resale application that do not fulfil the requirements. 

    i. All information and particulars of the buyers and sellers must be truthfully declared and the family composition must be the same in the Intent to Buy or Intent to Sell, Option to Purchase, Request for Value, HDB Loan Eligibility (HLE) letter or bank’s Letter of Offer and resale application. 

    ii. All required documents (e.g. income letters, solicitor’s letter, etc.) must be uploaded correctly before submitting the resale application to avoid any delay in processing the application. 

    iii. The full set (i.e. pages 1 to 10) of the Option to Purchase must be uploaded with the resale application. 

    iv. All the documents listed in the completion letter (e.g. the original Option to Purchase) must be produced on the resale completion date. 

    Please disseminate the information to your salespersons.