• Published Date: 28 Jun 2013

    We refer to the above matter
    2 You may have already noted from the announcement on 11 Jan 2013 and our email of 15 Jan 2013 that with the effect from 1 Jul 2013, there will be changes to the use of CPF funds and taking up of an HDB housing loan for purchase of HDB flat with a balance lease of less than 60 years. In our email of 17 May 2013, we have explained that buyers and salespersons can check the lease details of the flat via the Centralised Map Services available on our HDB InfoWEB. We would also like to highlight that an additional item has been included in the Resale Checklist for salespersons to go through with the buyers to check that there may be limits on the use of CPF funds and taking of a housing loan due to the balance lease period of the flat
    3 This is also covered in the Continuing Professional Development courses that we conduct. As we approach 1 Jul 2013, you may wish to remind your salespersons that resale applications for flats with balance lease of less than 60 years received by the HDB from 1 Jul 2013 will be processed under these changes.
    4 Thank You.