• Published Date: 17 May 2013

    This is to update KEOs on HDB’s new initiatives that aims to guide buyers in their decision making process.

    (A)Eligibility Check for Purchase of New or Resale HDB Flat

    HDB has launched a new e-Service titled “Eligibility Check for purchase of New or Resale HDB flat”. This e-Service allows buyers to check whether they are eligible to buy a new or resale HDB flat. It provides potential buyers with an overview of the various housing options available.
    Users need only provide some basic information and answer a few questions to get a customised result on their eligibility to buy new or resale flats, including eligibility for the CPF Housing Grant. Click here to find out more.

    (B)Display of Block’s Lease Information

    Buyers can now check the remaining lease of a flat for each block via the Centralised Map Services(CMS). To check the lease details, user will just need to provide the Block Number and Street Name and select ‘Flat Information’ in the CMS page. Click the block icon on the map and user will be able to view the lease details. We have also included information on the different flat types in each block.
    This service will be useful when the additional measure on tighter terms for granting of HDB loans and use of CPF funds for the purchase of HDB flats with remaining leases of less than 60 years takes effect on 1 July 2013.
    The above e-Services are now available on the HDB InfoWEB. We hope that these initiatives will help your salespersons in advising and serving their clients.
    We would appreciate it if you could disseminate the above information to your salespersons.
    Thank you.