• Published Date: 01 Jun 2018

    Sellers and buyers of resale flats must use the HDB prescribed Option to Purchase (OTP) as the form of contract in resale transactions.  In completing the OTP form, it is essential that all the information provided is accurate.  Of particular importance are the names of the sellers and buyers.  Any difference or inconsistency with the names in the OTP and official identity records will affect the names of the parties stated in the transfer document which has to be lodged with the Singapore Land Authority.

    We would like to remind salespersons to ensure that the names of the sellers and buyers as filled up in the OTP form are exactly the same as stated in their NRICs, including the sequence, spelling, and any alias or hanyu pinyin name.  To do this, salespersons have to sight the NRICs to double-check the names given in the OTP.  They can also advise their clients to state the names shown in the NRIC when registering the Intent to Sell or Intent to Buy in the HDB Resale Portal.

    HDB may reject any resale application where the names of the sellers and buyers as given in the HDB Resale Portal or OTP form are not the same as the names shown in the NRIC.    

    Please disseminate the information to your salespersons.