• Published Date: 05 Jul 2016

    We are pleased to share with you the enhancements that we have made to help first-timers apply for a CPF Housing Grant for their resale flat purchase.

    Resale flat buyers who are first-timers and wish to apply for CPF Housing Grant or the Additional CPF Housing Grant will need to provide documentary proof of their household incomes. From 18 July 2016, when they or their salespersons make an online resale application at HDB InfoWEB and state that they are applying for the grants, they can seamlessly upload their income documents and transmit their application. They no longer need to send the income documents in-person or by e-mail, fax or via HDB’s MyDoc e-Service.

    What's more, buyers or their salespersons will only need to submit the income documents for the months that they have not submitted previously. For example, if they had submitted the income documents for the past 12 months when they applied for an HDB Loan Eligibility (HLE) letter, they will just need to upload the latest income documents since the HLE application when they submit a resale application.

    Please help us to disseminate the above to your salespersons. Thank you.