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September 2019

  Housing scene

'Housing Scene' brings you a quick round-up of HDB’s latest news, policies and initiatives. This month, we zoom in on  the enhanced housing measures to support first-timers buying flats, the technology HDB leverages to create a better living experience for our residents, and how our employees are the building blocks of our organisation. Stay connected with us as we deliver the newsletter directly to you every month. If you have any feedback, tell us here.


Enhanced Measures to Support First-time Home Buyers


Earlier this month, Ministry of National Development and HDB announced several measures to make public housing even more affordable and accessible for first-timer households.

a) From 11 September, income ceilings for flat applications were raised to $14,000 per month for families, and $7,000 per month for singles, up from $12,000 and $6,000 respectively. With higher income ceilings, more households can now apply for flats sold under the various HDB sales modes.


b) A new Enhanced CPF Housing Grant (EHG) of up to $80,000 was introduced and implemented on the same day. Replacing the Additional and Special CPF Housing Grants, EHG relaxes previous conditions and is now available to eligible first-time home buyers who are buying new or resale flats, regardless of flat type and location.


Keen to find out more on how EHG will benefit first-time homebuyers? Check out our Facebook page or the HDB InfoWEB for more.


Harnessing Technology for Better HDB Living


Artificial Intelligence (AI), visual analytics, and 3D printing - what might such technology have to do with public housing? More than you'd imagine! Technology is shaping the way we improve productivity, sustainability and quality for HDB developments. Here are two projects that we are working on:

3D Concrete Printing

Fun fact - did you know HDB's Centre of Building Research houses South East Asia’s largest 3D concrete printer? As part of our efforts to boost construction productivity, HDB has been researching 3D concrete printing, which allows for faster, more cost-effective, and less labour-intensive construction. Check out our 3D concrete printer in action below - we "printed" this room in just under six days!

HDB Image

Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based tool to improve Construction Site Safety

We have also been working with NUS and AI Singapore on an AI-based tool, which is being trained to detect, analyse, and trigger alerts when a hazardous or potentially hazardous situation occurs on a construction site. Here is how it works:

HDB Image

Read all about how HDB harnesses technology to improve HDB living in the latest issue of Dwellings, our in-house magazine.


The Real Building Blocks of HDB


Ever wondered what goes behind the planning of the HDB homes you live in?

It all begins with a big-picture vision. Our planners, who coordinate what goes where in your HDB town, ensure your homes are well-connected and easily accessible.

HDB Image

Our architects then get to work on the individual housing projects. Responsible for the distinctive block designs you see around your estate, they pay close attention to all the little details. When deciding how to place and orientate blocks, our architects consider factors like the natural terrain, wind flow, and sun exposure.

HDB Image

Our work does not stop even after you are all moved into your new home! To forge strong community ties, our community relations officers work together with residents (that includes you!) and the grassroots to co-create distinctive neighbourhood spaces for all to enjoy:

HDB Image

Still curious about the work of our officers? Try playing along with our Guess the HDB officer series, or follow us on Facebook for news on everything HDB.





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