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January 2021

Housing scene

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As we ring in the new year, flat buyers and residents can look forward to new HDB initiatives! With the roll out of the HDB Flat Portal, home buyers and sellers now have a single integrated platform to gather information on the purchase or sale of a flat.

Meanwhile, residents of the recently completed flats in Punggol Northshore can enjoy smart HDB living, with features such as smart sockets  in their homes, and sensors around their neighbourhood to facilitate the smooth delivery of estate maintenance services. Finally, the showflats at our My Nice Home Gallery have been refreshed with new design concepts and the latest fittings – we share what’s new, and how you can check out the virtual showflats from the comfort of your home. 



HDB Flat Portal


In case you missed it: we have just launched the HDB Flat Portal – a one-stop platform for home buyers and sellers to gather information on available new flats and loan packages, and make use of calculators to start planning for the purchase of their dream home. The features of the portal will be launched progressively, starting with:

  • Financial calculators for flat buyers to estimate their housing budget and understand the payments required at the various milestones for their intended flat purchase
  • A loan listing service embedded within the financial calculators which allows flat buyers to view and compare the information on housing loans provided by HDB and participating financial institutions
  • A flat listing service with information on current and upcoming new HDB flats for buyers to plan ahead, and compare their housing options 

The HDB Flat Portal is the second phase of our ongoing efforts to further streamline and simplify the process of buying and selling HDB flats, following the launch of the HDB Resale Portal in 2018. HDB is looking to include resale flat listings in subsequent phases. Stay tuned as we continue to introduce new services to improve the transaction process for all HDB home buyers and sellers.





Punggol Northshore: First Smart and Sustainable District


It’s 2021, and smart living in HDB estates and homes is no longer a distant dream. The first two smart-enabled housing precincts in Punggol Northshore, Northshore Residences I and II, have just been completed.

The first public housing district to have smart-enabled homes, Punggol Northshore leverages smart technologies from the design to planning and maintenance of estates, to bring about a more liveable, efficient, sustainable and safe living environment for residents. Examples include:

  • Network of sensors to help monitor and identify possible maintenance issues for key estate services such as lights or lifts 
  • Smart distribution boards and smart sockets equipped in the Northshore flats which enable residents to monitor energy consumption
  • The orientation of building layouts, design and placement of open spaces and amenities such as playgrounds have been optimised to capture windflow and promote natural ventilation for maximum comfort 

That’s not all – residents at Northshore Residences I and II will be among the first to use our new Smart Parking system, Parking@HDB. Features of the system which offers a seamless and more convenient parking experence include:

  • A barrier-free car park entrance and exit, where vehicle plates will be registered via cameras
  • Colour-coded LED light indicator system to signal space availability in the car park
  • Digital and cashless payment for parking charges via the Parking@HDB app

Keen to learn what else Punggol Northshore has in store? Watch to get a sneak peek, or read about the estate’s smart and sustainable initiatives. Meanwhile, stay tuned to our upcoming Punggol Northshore Virtual Guide where you can learn more about Punggol Northshore through videos, games and AR features! 



Brand New Looks at the My Nice Home Gallery

Need some inspiration for your new home? You’re in luck! We’ve just refreshed the showflats at our My Nice Home Gallery. The showflats feature the latest set of finishes and fittings that come with new HDB flats, such as flooring, main gate and doors, and clothes drying racks. 

There’s something for everyone at the refreshed gallery. Check out the colourful, retro-inspired interiors of our 3-room showflat, with its combined kitchen/ utility space - a feature that was introduced in our 3-room flats last year  to give flat owners more flexibility in configuring the space according to their needs. 

Also stop over at the 2-room Flexi showflat for seniors, which sports a Mid-Century Modern decor. The flexible space that comes in select 2-room Flexi flats can be used for a variety of purposes such as dining, study, or an extra bed.

For now, the showflats are available for viewing exclusively online via the HDB InfoWEB, due to the pandemic situation. The physical My Nice Home Gallery at HDB Hub remains closed for the time-being, until further notice. Do stay tuned to HDB’s Facebook page for more details on the reopening. 






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