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December 2022

Welcome to 2022 HDB Wrapped, where we play the top HDB hits from 2022.

Keeping housing accessible for Singaporeans

This year, we worked to pick up pace to deliver BTO flats as soon as possible. We have made steady progress and will continue to ensure housing remains accessible for Singaporeans.

  1. We launched 23,184 new flats this year, exceeding our commitment of 23,000 flats. The median waiting time of all the BTO projects launched in 2022, has been reduced to about 4 to 4.5 years, from 4 to 5 years previously.
  2. Recognising the continued strong housing demand from first-timers, we adjusted the BTO allocation quotas to give first-time applicants greater certainty in securing their first homes
  3. Our construction productivity in 2021 saw more than 26% improvement from 2010, and we are exploring new technologies to further shorten the construction waiting time for BTO projects
Developing new housing areas to meet strong demand

At the same time, we are planning ahead to provide a steady supply of new flats to meet future needs. From 2021 to 2025, we are prepared to offer up to 100,000 new flats, with some located in newly-announced housing areas:

Supporting wellness and empowering seniors

Did you know that by 2026, over 20% of our population will be 65 years and older? We will adjust our housing plans and designs to meet changing needs and demographics. Here’s how:

In the November sales exercise, we launched our second batch of Community Care Apartments (CCAs) in Queenstown. The CCAs are located within the Health District @ Queenstown, where HDB, National University of Singapore (NUS), healthcare partners like National University Health System (NUHS), and local grassroots organisations collaborate to build an environment that promotes active ageing. For instance:
  • Each CCA unit is equipped with senior-friendly fittings, such as grab bars, and wheelchair-accessible bathrooms with slip-resistant flooring
  • For residents with stable chronic medical conditions, NUHS will work with community partners, to bring care and support services to their homes.

As we head into the new year, we will continue to press on and deliver endearing homes to Singaporeans. Thank you for your continued support and we wish you a brighter and better 2023! 🥳


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