• Upgrading and Rejuvenating Our HDB Flats and Estates

    HDB’s upgrading programmes are designed to ensure your flats and estates remain vibrant and liveable. Here’s an overview of the various programmes:


    Within your flat

    The Home Improvement Programme helps to address common problems of ageing flats.

    Home Improvement Programme (HIP)

    The HIP helps resolve common maintenance problems of flats when they are about 30 to 40 years old.

    Flats built up to 1997 that have not undergone the Main Upgrading Programme are eligible for the HIP. The programme covers:

    • Essential improvements, or compulsory improvements necessary for public health, safety and technical reasons, such as the repair of spalling concrete and structural cracks
    • Optional improvements that you can opt for at additional cost, such as a new decorative door or grille gate
    • Enhancement for Active Seniors (EASE) improvements that seniors can opt for to enhance their safety and comfort, such as grab bars and slip-resistant treatment to bathroom floor tiles.

    HIP is heavily subsidised. The Government fully funds the essential improvements and subsidises up to 95% of optional improvements for Singapore citizens.

    Find out more about the HIP, and check if your block has been identified for HIP.


    In the Pipeline: HIP II

    A second round of upgrading, HIP II, will be introduced when flats reach about 60 to 70 years old. HIP II will help keep flats safe and liveable until the end of their lease. As with HIP, the programme will be highly subsidised by the Government.

    The programme will be launched in about 10 years’ time, when the first batch of flats reach 60-70 years old.

    At your block/ precinct

    The Lift Upgrading Programme and Neighbourhood Renewal Programme cover improvements to your immediate living environment.

    Lift Upgrading Programme (LUP)

    The LUP aims to provide residents with direct lift access to their flats, where feasible. Today, a vast majority of the 5,300 HDB blocks identified for the LUP have been provided with direct lift access.

    Read our HDBSpeaks article on the LUP to find out more about how we help households who require direct lift access.


    Neighbourhood Renewal Programme (NRP)

    The NRP introduces improvements to your block and precinct, such as improved seating areas at void decks, upgraded playgrounds and landscaping, as well as new pavilions and shelters. The programme is fully funded by the Government and implemented by the Town Councils.

    As with HIP, NRP projects are prioritised based on criteria such as the age and condition of common area facilities, as well as geographical spread.

    Find out more about NRP, and how it complements the Town Council’s routine maintenance programme.

    Around your estate

    The Remaking our Heartland programme and Selective En bloc Redevelopment Scheme are designed to rejuvenate HDB towns and estates, and ensure that they continue to meet the evolving needs of Singaporeans.

    Remaking our Heartland (ROH)

    The ROH programme is a comprehensive rejuvenation blueprint to renew and further develop existing HDB towns and estates. These blueprints are tailored to meet the changing needs of the community, and capitalise on the distinct characteristics of each area.

    Find out more about ROH, the towns selected for the programme, as well as the exciting upgrades planned for them.


    Selective En bloc Redevelopment Scheme (SERS)

    SERS is part of the Government’s efforts to renew older housing estates. Under this scheme, the Government acquires selected blocks in precincts with redevelopment potential, and redevelops them to optimise land use in land scarce Singapore. This allows for new and better homes to be built for Singaporeans.

    SERS is a highly selective scheme, and each site is carefully evaluated taking into consideration the precinct’s redevelopment potential and the availability of suitable replacement sites in the vicinity. Only about 5% of all HDB flats are suitable for redevelopment under SERS, and most of the projects with high redevelopment potential have already been selected for the scheme.

    If your flat is selected for SERS, you will be offered the opportunity to move into a new flat, with modern design and better facilities. Learn more about the SERS programme, including how SERS sites are selected, as well as the compensation, rehousing benefits and options for SERS flat owners, in our HDBSpeaks article.


    In the Pipeline: Voluntary Early Redevelopment Scheme (VERS)

    As our towns get older, HDB has plans to progressively redevelop them under the VERS programme. Unlike SERS, VERS is a voluntary scheme offered to selected precincts when they are aged about 70 years or older – if your precinct is selected for VERS, you and your neighbours will need to vote on the Government’s offer to buy back your flats. More home owners will be able to benefit from redevelopment before the 99-year lease on their HDB flats expires, compared to SERS.