• I believe my neighbour has flouted HDB’s rental regulations. What action does HDB take on unauthorised rental?

    Unauthorised Rental is an Infringement of the Housing & Development Act

    We conduct regular checks on flats that have been approved for renting out, to ensure that there are no irregularities such as overcrowding and further unauthorised rental by main tenants.

    We take a serious view of flat owners who infringe the rental rules, and have imposed financial penalties on errant owners before. In some cases of serious infringement, we have recovered the flats from the owners.

    Example: Financial penalty for renting out to unauthorised occupiers

    Example: Compulsory acquisition of flat that was rented out during minimum occupation period    

    A married couple had obtained HDB’s approval to rent out their Executive flat to 3 tenants. While they had checked that the flat was occupied by their registered tenants, they were not aware that their tenants had further rented it out to 12 other unauthorised occupiers.

    When informed of the situation, the couple took immediate action against their tenants. A financial penalty was imposed on the couple, and they were reminded not to repeat the infringement and to exercise due diligence should they apply to rent out their flat again. The tenants who had illegally rented out the flat were debarred for 5 years from renting another HDB flat.

    A flat owner had purchased a 2-room flat directly from HDB with his children. HDB carried out an investigation upon receiving feedback, and found that he had rented out his flat within the Minimum Occupation Period. The flat owner admitted that he did not live in the flat and had rented it out. In view of the serious infringement, we took action to compulsorily acquire the flat. The owner had alternative accommodation when the flat was acquired.

    Report Misuse of Flat to HDB

    HDB flats are primarily a home to live in, and there are rules in place to guard against misuse.

    For example, flat owners who wish to rent out their flat or bedrooms must get HDB’s prior approval. A minimum of 6 months’ tenancy is required for both, to ensure that HDB flats are not used as transient accommodation.

    The rental rules help to ensure a conducive and harmonious living environment for all residents. These are clearly published on the HDB InfoWEB. HDB will also remind flat owners to take heed of the rules when they submit their rental request.

    There are some who are willing to take a chance despite the rules and checks. If you come across a suspected case of unauthorised rental or misuse of flats, you can highlight it to us at the HDB Toll-Free Hotline: 1800-555-6370. All information provided stays confidential.

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