• How does HDB rectify flaws in new flats?

    We track the construction process closely, so that we can achieve a good standard of quality for home buyers. Checks are conducted at every stage of the construction process, both within the flat and in the common areas. The flats must be inspected and certified suitable for occupation before handing over to home buyers.

    Industry Standards

    There are measures to assess the quality of public and private building projects. Some examples are the Construction Quality Assessment System (CONQUAS) and homeowner’s guide, developed by the Building and Construction Authority. They are frequently used as the quality yardstick for building projects.

    Defects Liability Period

    But despite our best efforts, flaws, and imperfections may still occur, and some flats may not meet the expectations of flat buyers. For example, as not all processes can be fully automated, there may be some flaws could arise from workmanship quality, while others could arise from perceived imperfections from natural materials, such as the look of timber or tiles.

    As part of our commitment to quality, we provide all new HDB flat owners with:

    •    1-year Defects Liability Period (DLP) where flaws and defects reported during the DLP are rectified within 14 days by the project contractor. If more time is needed, for example where materials may not be immediately available, flat owners will be informed of the expected completion date. There is a Building Services Centre (BSC) located on site within the DLP for every new project. Flat owners can report the defects to the BSC, which will follow up to arrange for the rectification works.

    •    HDB’s Assure 3 warranty coverage for ceiling leak, external wall seepage, and spalling concrete:

    Issue Warranty Period
    Ceiling leak at toilets/kitchen 5 years*
    Water seepage from external wall 5 years
    Spalling concrete 10 years

    *The warranty for ceiling leak will cease if floor tiles have been changed; or if the waterproofing system has been tampered with.

    Quality Commitment

    We remain fully committed to providing affordable homes of quality and value, and will do our best to assist home owners with the feedback on their new flats.