• Do I return my housing grants to the Government when I sell my flat?

    No, you do not return your housing grants to the Government. Housing grants are given to home buyers to buy a new or resale flat.

    For example, eligible first-timers may enjoy subsidies and the Enhanced CPF Housing Grant (EHG) when they buy a flat directly from HDB. They can also consider buying a resale flat from the open market, with the help of housing grants. This includes the basic CPF Housing Grant, EHG and Proximity Housing Grant (PHG).

    Home buyers can use these housing grants to offset the purchase price of their flat and reduce the amount of mortgage loan required. The housing grants will be fully credited into their CPF accounts. No cash is disbursed.

    What happens when I sell the flat?

    If you sell your flat, all CPF monies used to purchase the flat, including the CPF housing grant(s) enjoyed, will be returned to your CPF account. This includes the amount of accrued interest you would have earned in your CPF account, if you had not utilised the money for the purchase of your flat.

    The first $30,000 (for singles) or first $60,000 (for families) of housing grant(s)1 enjoyed will be credited to your CPF Ordinary Account. The remaining grant amount will be credited to your CPF Special Account / Retirement Account and Medisave Account.

    You can use the money in your CPF for your next home purchase, or for your retirement and healthcare needs.