Uncover how we embrace reinvention and strengthen community ties in our homes, to create public housing that is uniquely Singapore’s.

Dwellings chronicles our efforts in creating homes for Singaporeans. We strive to reinvent and transform Singapore’s housing landscape, developing homes that Singaporeans would be proud to live in. Through Dwellings, we share how we create public housing that is uniquely Singapore. 

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Striking a Balance

Singapore strives to be one of the most liveable cities in the world, even though land scarcity presents a perennial challenge for sustainable development. A holistic and science-based approach has guided HDB’s efforts in navigating the delicate balance between development and conservation. With housing demand steadily growing, areas such as Ulu Pandan, Mount Pleasant and Alexandra will be developed to offer more housing options for Singaporeans. In this issue of Dwellings, learn how HDB seeks to preserve heritage and greenery while maintaining a healthy public housing supply.

Through the decades, HDB has kept in step with evolving housing needs and aspirations. With more flats planned for prime areas such as Rochor and the Great Southern Waterfront, HDB launched the Prime Location Public Housing model to ensure that homes in these sought-after central locations remain affordable, accessible and inclusive, so more Singaporeans can get a chance to live near the city centre. 

Even as HDB develops new and modern public housing, the renewal of older towns and estates through holistic upgrading still continues. From home improvements to town-wide rejuvenation, these upgrading efforts bring older flats closer to the standard of newer ones, and ensure that for many more years, an HDB home will continue to be highly liveable and green. 

Many HDB residents across the island have access to extensive greenery at their doorstep. For Pasir Ris resident and wildlife filmmaker Dan Ng, the park near his home not only offers him rich biodiversity to train his lens upon, but also a place where he has forged long-lasting friendships with fellow wildlife spotters.



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What is Dwellings?

Dwellings is a publication by the Housing & Development Board, Singapore’s public housing authority. Through Dwellings, we want to share how we create quality and affordable public housing that is uniquely different, and also uniquely Singapore’s.

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Dwellings is a platform for sharing of ideas, works and projects that promote and advance quality and sustainable housing. We welcome contributions from all who share a keen interest in housing and habitats, whether you are an academic, industry practitioner or professional.

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