Uncover how we embrace reinvention and strengthen community ties in our homes, to create public housing that is uniquely Singapore’s.

Dwellings chronicles our efforts in creating homes for Singaporeans. We strive to reinvent and transform Singapore’s housing landscape, developing homes that Singaporeans would be proud to live in. Through Dwellings, we share how we create public housing that is uniquely Singapore. 

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Age is But a Number

Big changes are afoot in Queenstown. As part of HDB’s ‘Designing for Life’ roadmap, the pioneer town is now set to be the site of Singapore’s first health district. This issue dives into this first-of-its-kind multi-stakeholder collaboration, where initiatives to enhance the health and wellness of Singaporeans of all ages will be piloted. As the Singapore population ages rapidly, compounded by health issues stemming from an increased lifespan and a COVID-19 world, public housing—where most of the population live—can play an important role to support residents in living active and fulfilling lives well into their advanced years.

The impact of continual renewal and rejuvenation can also be felt in younger towns such as Punggol, with the completion of the first two smart-enabled Build-to-Order (BTO) projects — Northshore Residences I and II. Catch an exciting glimpse of the future of HDB living, and take a look at the smart technologies that have been deployed to make daily living more convenient and comfortable for residents.

The pursuit of delivering quality homes and living environments for HDB residents is ever constant. However, manpower shortages and disruptions to supply chains worldwide have affected many construction projects, including BTO developments. HDB has been finding ways to expedite construction work without compromising the built quality and safety of the workers. We will also continue to do our utmost to assist affected flat buyers.

There is perhaps no greater embodiment of the adage “age is but a number” than a group of fit and active seniors in the heartland who call themselves Team Strong Silvers. With members in their 60s, 70s and even 80s, they seek to inspire others to keep moving and stay active during their golden years.



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Dwellings is a publication by the Housing & Development Board, Singapore’s public housing authority. Through Dwellings, we want to share how we create quality and affordable public housing that is uniquely different, and also uniquely Singapore’s.

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