• Published Date: 27 Nov 2015

         The HDB Greenprint @ Yuhua (绿色家园计划) marks its completion this month, transforming the estate into Singapore's first green neighbourhood.  Launched in 2012, the pilot HDB Greenprint programme in Yuhua aimed to bring energy-efficient, water management, and waste management features into this estate.  Minister for Culture, Community and Youth and Adviser to Yuhua GROs, Grace Fu, will grace the completion ceremony on Saturday, 28 Nov 2015.


    2     Yuhua residents are the first to experience sustainable living in an existing public housing estate, with the implementation of green features. For its environmental excellence, Yuhua has also been conferred the BCA Green Mark Award (Platinum).


    3      The Yuhua neighbourhood spans 38 blocks, from Blocks 209 to 240 Jurong East Street 21, and comprises about 3,200 households.  Through the HDB Greenprint, a host of green features have been added to the neighbourhood:


    • Energy & Water Conservation - Solar panels, Rainwater Harvesting System

    • Waste Management - Pneumatic Waste Conveyance System (PWCS)

    • Greenery Enhancement - Green roofs, Vertical Greenery

    • Eco - living - Green Commuting, Community Outreach Programmes


    Details of these initiatives can be found at the Annex .


    Cleaner, Greener and Better Living Environment


    4     With the green features, Yuhua residents now enjoy a cleaner, greener and better living environment :


    (a)     More hygienic and efficient waste collection with the Pneumatic Waste Conveyance System (PWCS): Using high speed air suction, the PWCS transports household waste via an underground pipe network to the Centralised Bin Centre. The entire waste collection process is enclosed and automated, reducing waste spillage onto common areas, foul smells and issues with pests.


    (b)       Cooler and more comfortable environment with the intensification of greenery: The installation of green roofs and vertical greenery has reduced block surface temperatures by up to 15oC, bringing about a cooler and more comfortable environment for residents.   



    HDB Greenprint features at Yuhua: Centralised bin centre for PWCS (top left), Green Roof (bottom left), Vertical Greenery (right)


    (c)     Better connectivity with an enhanced pedestrian and cycling network: Well-connected footpaths and an improved cycling path, along with the installation of the Dual Bicycle Rack System at the void decks of 28 blocks, have helped residents to move around their neighbourhood more conveniently, while promoting green commuting and a healthier lifestyle.


    (d)     Stronger and greener community as various activities are organised to raise environmental awareness and encourage green living among residents. Activities such as community gardening and eco-learning journeys have provided residents with more opportunities to interact with one another, while learning about eco-friendly practices.


    5     Throughout the implementation process, HDB consulted residents on the green features for their neighbourhood. For example, the locations for installation of the Dual Bicycle Racks were jointly identified with Yuhua residents and the local Town Council, after taking into account the various competing uses for void deck spaces. In response to the residents’ bicycle parking needs, an additional 242 lots were also provided. Since their implementation, the Dual Bicycle Racks have been well received and widely used by residents.



    More HDB Greenprint initiatives: Dual Bicycle Racks (top left), Community Parklet (top right)


    More Sustainable Use of Limited Energy and Water Resources


    6     The Greenprint initiatives have also enabled limited resources to be used more sustainably over the long term.  With the Elevator Energy Regeneration Systems (EERS) installed in the lifts of 16 blocks, the lifts now use an average of 20 per cent less energy, as compared to conventional lifts. By replacing existing outdoor street lights with energy-saving LED lighting, we have also seen a reduction in energy consumption by at least 50%. In addition, the lifts and common area lighting are now powered by energy generated from solar panels installed on the rooftops. The amount of solar energy generated per year, at about 1.36 GWh (Gigawatt Hour), is capable of powering up 280 units of 4-room HDB flats.


    7     Besides energy savings, water conservation is achieved through the Rainwater Harvesting System. With this system, up to 1700 m3 of water per year can potentially be saved for common corridor washing. This is equivalent to the monthly water consumption of 94 units of 4-room HDB flats.


    HDB Greenprint @ Yuhua clinches the BCA Green Mark Award (Platinum)


    8     With the completion of the Greenprint, Yuhua has been transformed into a green neighbourhood. In recognition of the effectiveness of the green initiatives, Yuhua has recently been awarded BCA’s Green Mark Award (Platinum) for existing residential buildings, the highest accolade under the BCA’s Green Mark Scheme.


    9     HDB CEO, Dr Cheong Koon Hean said, With the completion of HDB Greenprint, we have made Yuhua more green and brought sustainable living to our residents. They now enjoy a cleaner, greener and more pleasant living environment. This year, we have also extended the HDB Greenprint to Teck Ghee, so that more residents can benefit from the initiatives. HDB will continue working towards making every town and estate more liveable with sustainable initiatives that improve the lives of our residents. ”