• Published Date: 23 Jun 2015

         The Housing & Development Board (HDB), as the Government’s land sales agent, launched the land parcel at Dundee Road for tender on 29 Apr 2015.


    2      The details of the sale site are as follows:


    Location Dundee Road
    Proposed Development
    Condominium; Or Flats; Or With Prior Written Approval, A Combination Of Flats And Strata Landed Houses
    (Serviced Apartments Are Not Allowed)
    Site Area 10,516.1 sq m
    Maximum GFA [GPR] 51,528.89 sq m [4.9]
    Maximum Building Height 160m AMSL
    Estimated Dwelling Units 645
    Lease Term 99 years


    3      The tender closed at 12 noon today with 9 bids received. The details of the provisional tender results are below:


    Name of Tenderer
    Tender Price ($)
    $psm/GFA ($)
    1 HY Realty Pte Ltd $483,178,000 $9,376.84
    2 Allgreen Properties Limited $445,910,000 $8,653.59
    3 Intrepid Investments Pte Ltd, Verwood Holdings Pte. Ltd. and Hong Realty (Private) Limited $432,774,525 $8,398.68
    4 FCL Tampines Court Pte. Ltd. and KH Capital Pte. Ltd. $421,500,000 $8,179.88
    5 UOL Venture Investments Pte. Ltd., Singland Homes Pte. Ltd., Peak Opal Pte. Ltd. and Orchard Square Pte. Ltd. $417,280,000 $8,097.98
    6 Excelsior Investments Pte Ltd $402,080,000 $7,803.00
    7 Sing Holdings Limited $389,000,000 $7,549.16
    8 MCL Land (Regency) Pte. Ltd. $387,000,000 $7,510.35
    9 Japura Development Pte Ltd $281,000,888 $5,453.27


    4      A decision on the award of the tender will be made after the bids have been evaluated. This will be announced at a later date.