• Published Date: 29 Aug 2016

    Senior Minister of State for National Development, Mr Desmond Lee announced today that the government will set aside about $29 million to help 1,335 HDB shops island-wide improve their business vibrancy and competitiveness, following the enhancements to the Revitalisation of Shops (ROS) scheme (商店提升计划) announced in May 2016.


    2          SMS Lee made the announcement during a visit to Geylang East Neigbourhood Centre, one of the 17 newly selected sites under the seventh batch of the ROS scheme.  Another eight sites have applied for the new Start-up Fund to support their formation of Merchants’ Associations (MAs). These 25 sites are the first to benefit from the enhanced ROS scheme (see Annex A for the full list of sites).


    More Help under the Enhanced ROS Scheme


    3          The ROS scheme is part of the Government’s ongoing measures to help HDB retailers. Since its inception in Nov 2007, the scheme has benefitted 54 HDB Town/Neighbourhood Centres island-wide.


    4          Following a review of the ROS Scheme, HDB had unveiled several enhancements to the scheme in May 2016, aimed at providing greater support for HDB shops:


    a)         The ROS upgrading budget for each shop will be increased by 75%, from $20,000 to $35,000 per shop to enable HDB shops to enjoy a wider scope of upgrading works. The works could include shop directories, fixed awnings, signage, façade improvements and landmark structures, etc.


    b)         Shop owners’ share of the upgrading cost will be reduced from 50% to 20%, and capped at $5,000, to encourage more HDB shops to participate and benefit from the ROS scheme. HDB and the Town Councils will co-fund the balance of the upgrading cost, capped at $30,000 per sold shop.  For rental shops, HDB and the Town Councils will continue to bear 100% of the upgrading cost.


    c)         HDB will provide a new funding of up to $10,000 for MAs to appoint a consultant to help them in their ROS upgrading. This will further support HDB shops to kick-start their revitalisation efforts.


    d)         HDB will introduce a new Start-up Fund of $10,000, to encourage HDB shops without a MA to form one. This is aimed at driving the formation of MAs, which play an important role in rejuvenating heartland shops.


    e)         To support the MAs in organising promotional events to attract shoppers, HDB will continue to co-fund up to 50% of the expenditure for such promotional events, subject to an annual cap of $500 per sold shop and $1,000 per rental shop. For this seventh batch, at least 23 events are expected to be organised in conjunction with the Lunar New Year, the Great Singapore Sale, and the Mid-Autumn Festival, etc.


    f)          Tenants will also continue to enjoy up to one month of rent-free period, when they renovate their shops in conjunction with the ROS scheme.


    More details on the ROS Scheme can be found in Annex B.


    5          25 sites will benefit from the enhanced ROS scheme. HDB will co-fund both the upgrading of common area and promotional events for seven sites, and fund the upgrading of common area for six sites. Four sites will enjoy co-funding for promotional events. Another eight sites have applied for the new Start-up Fund to support their formation of Merchants’ Associations (MAs).


    6          For enquiries, HDB shop owners and tenants can call the HDB Commercial Properties toll-free line: 1800-866 3073.