• Published Date: 03 Apr 2017

    Residents invited to give their feedback at upcoming exhibitions


            The renewal plans for Woodlands, Toa Payoh, Pasir Ris under the Remaking Our Heartland (ROH) programme have been finalised, and will be exhibited starting later this month. Residents of the three towns are invited to view the exhibitions and to give their feedback on the plans.


    Launch of exhibitions


    2       There will be three exhibitions – one for each town. Each exhibition will run for two weeks, during which residents are invited to give feedback on the plans for the town. The details of the exhibitions are as follows :


    Town Exhibition Dates Venue
    Woodlands Sun, 16 April to Sun, 30 April 2017 Woodlands Central (next to Woodlands MRT station)
    Toa Payoh Sat, 22 April to Sun, 7 May 2017 HDB Hub Atrium
    Pasir Ris Sat, 29 April to Sun, 14 May Pasir Ris Town Centre (beside Pasir Ris MRT station/ bus interchange)


    Views and suggestions from residents taken into account


    3       In drawing up the rejuvenation plans, HDB had actively engaged residents and stakeholders to seek their views and suggestions on the plans. For the first time, residents from the three towns were invited in the early stages of the planning, to participate in Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) held in 2015. A total of 11 discussion sessions was conducted, involving some 400 residents and community stakeholders from the three towns. Residents from as young as 17 years old and as old as 81 years old participated in the sessions, actively sharing their ideas on the improvements they would like to see in their town.


    4          With the views gathered from the FGDs, HDB has refined the plans for each town to ensure that the improvements will benefit residents of all ages. The finalised plans take into account the local context and specific requirements of each town, so as to strengthen their identity.


    Plans focus on strengthening Character, Community, and Connectivity


    5          The renewal plans for Woodlands, Toa Payoh and Pasir Ris focus on strengthening the character, community, and connectivity of each town:


    • Character – Every town has its unique character and distinct features. The proposals capitalise on the unique characteristics of each town to strengthen its identity.

    • Community – New or enhanced community spaces and facilities will help to bring residents together over recreational and community activities.

    • Connectivity – Existing connectivity networks in the town will be enhanced, to improve walking and cycling experiences within the town.


    6          Here is a glimpse of the plans to be showcased :



    The Woodlands Waterfront is one of the favourite recreational spaces of residents living in the northern part of Singapore. The ROH plans will transform the existing Woodlands Waterfront through interesting landscaping, pocket greens, and more shaded areas for the enjoyment of residents.  


    The Woodlands Waterfront will be enhanced with a new rustic park and a nature promenade, offering a more enjoyable waterfront experience for residents of the town.


    Pasir Ris

    The Pasir Ris Park and Beach will be rejuvenated with more family-oriented spaces and recreational options. During the FGDs held in 2015, many residents identified the Pasir Ris Park and Beach among the significant public spaces unique to their town, and suggested that more spaces and facilities be provided there for recreational and community activities.


    Pasir Ris Park and Beach will be enhanced with more family-oriented spaces and recreational options.


    Residents invited to give their feedback


    7          Residents are invited to visit the ROH exhibitions and give their feedback on the plans. HDB, together with the various government agencies, will fine-tune the proposals, such that the eventual rejuvenation of the towns will benefit as many residents as possible.


    8          When completed, the rejuvenation is set to benefit more than half a million residents living in the three towns.


    About Remaking Our Heartland


    9          The ROH programme was first announced by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong during the National Day Rally in 2007 to transform HDB towns/estates into distinctive and endearing homes for Singaporeans. The earlier towns/estates identified were Punggol, Dawson and Yishun in 2007, and East Coast, Hougang and Jurong Lake in 2011.