• Published Date: 12 Feb 2015

           Police have arrested 7 men and 2 women from “Upgrading General Contractor” - a renovation firm, for their suspected involvement in multiple cases of Cheating by Personation.


    2      It is believed that these suspects have passed themselves off as representatives from HDB, Town Councils or other government agencies, in order to enter housing units so as to secure business for repair/renovation works. The majority of the reports involved elderly victims.


    3      An operation was mounted by officers from Tanglin Police Division on 28 January 2015 which resulted in the arrests. Receipt books, company passes and mobile phones were seized as case exhibits.


    4       Investigations are ongoing. Persons found guilty of committing Cheating by Personation under Section 419 of the Penal Code, Chapter 224, may be punished with an imprisonment term for up to 5 years, and shall be liable to a fine.


    Guarding against bogus contractors


    5      Police and HDB would like to remind members of the public to be aware of persons claiming to be HDB affiliated Renovation Contractors. These bogus contractors tend to target the elderly and operate mainly during office hours, when the elderly are likely to be at home alone. They may use pressure tactics on the residents by claiming that HDB will take action against them if the works are not carried out. They may also claim to be commissioned by HDB to carry out certain repair works in the estates. Some of the bogus contractors also operate in estates with on-going upgrading or construction works, in order to solicit business from unsuspecting residents.


    6      HDB will send out circulars or put up notices to inform residents in advance of any maintenance or rectification works that are required to be carried out in the flats.


    7      Members of the public are encouraged to adopt the following crime prevention measures:

    1.  When approached by contractors who claim to be appointed by HDB, always request identification documents for verification;
    2.  If in doubt, residents can call the HDB Branch service line at 1800-2255432 to verify the visit, or contact your family members or Police for assistance; and
    3.  Do not sign/pay for any services until you fully understand what you are paying for.