• Published Date: 20 Sep 2015

         HDB has conferred twelve HDB Construction Awards to its building contractors, in recognition of their high construction standards and innovative solutions in the delivery of quality housing projects. The full list of HDB Construction Award winners is attached in Annex.


    2      Among the twelve winners, Straits Construction Singapore Pte Ltd is a six-time winner, having received the HDB Construction Award for the sixth year consecutively since 2010.


    3      Another winner, Hougang Capeview in Upper Serangoon View, by Qingjian International, stands out for achieving CONQUAS STAR, the highest accolade achievable for quality. This rating is given to projects with a Construction Quality Assessment System (CONQUAS) score of more than 95. Hougang Capeview is the first public housing project to be accorded the CONQUAS STAR.


    Hougang Capeview, which offers a scenic view of the Serangoon Reservoir, 
    is the first HDB project to receive CONQUAS STAR - the highest accolade for quality from BCA

    4      CONQUAS, administered by the Building & Construction Authority (BCA), is the industry’s national yardstick for construction quality. It is the standard assessment system for the quality of building projects.


    5      Besides Hougang Capeview, the other eight housing projects also attained high CONQUAS scores of over 90, well above the current national average CONQUAS score of 88.2.


    6      Group Director (Research Group) of BCA, and member of the HDB Awards judging panel, Mr Tan Tian Chong said, “The overall workmanship quality of HDB projects has been improving steadily over the years. The HDB Construction Award winners, in particular, are as good as the private residential projects. This is impressive, considering that these are huge contracts comprising several hundred units.”


    7      Mr Richard Hassell, Director of architecture practice WOHA, who is also a member of the judging panel, also commended the winners for their commitment to construction quality. He said, “To excel in HDB construction, the contractor must undertake advanced planning with careful production. During the judging process, it was obvious that contractors with excellent project management skills, combined with a strong sense of pride in their work, were the ones who excelled.”


    Effective Construction Planning Key to Hougang Capeview’s Success


    8      Completed in Jan 2015, Hougang Capeview comprises six residential blocks with a total of 781 units of 3-, 4- and 5-room flats. Located along Upper Serangoon Road, the 17- and 19-storey high blocks overlook the Serangoon Reservoir. As the site is situated just next to the Serangoon Reservoir, the contractor Qingjian took all necessary steps to put in place earth control measures.


    9      Effective planning was key in the construction works. Throughout the construction period, the project team conducted thorough in-process checks to adhere to quality standards. The team also identified and pre-empted potential technical issues upfront, and this went a long way towards minimizing disruptions to the construction works. With a strong commitment to safety, Qingjian also ensured that their subcontractors implemented an effective safety management system at all levels. Despite challenges during the construction period, Qingjian maintained a high quality of workmanship throughout, and completed the project in a timely manner.


    Hougang Capeview’s twin success factors : effective planning coupled with careful execution

    HDB is Committed to Delivering Quality Homes


    10      Despite the massive ramp-up in the building programme over the past few years, HDB remains committed to providing quality homes. In the construction of new flats, there is a comprehensive quality management system to track the entire construction process. At both the construction stage and upon completion of the flats, checks are conducted on various aspects of the work, including the internal finishes, common areas, external walls, services/utility rooms and external works. The flats must be inspected and certified suitable for occupation before they are handed over to buyers.


    11      With the adoption of this comprehensive system of checks, the quality of HDB flats has improved over the years, from an average CONQUAS score of 65.7 back in 1989, to 88.6 in 2014, comparable to private sector developments.


    12      The latest record quality score of more than 95 for an HDB project is timely affirmation of the quality of public housing, as HDB continues in its mission to deliver quality homes for our homebuyers and their families.