• Published Date: 11 Sep 2012

    An HDB flat is home to most owners and their families. Before committing to sell their flats, it is important that flat owners consider carefully and secure their next home. As you may know, some flat owners have resorted to selling their flats to pay off debts, without considering where their families will stay next. While this may give temporary relief to the debt problem, it may lead to more problems, like having to look for alternative accommodation and moving from place to place. These not only add stress to their lives but may also strain family relationships or affect the studies of their children. 

    HDB Branches provide financial advice to flat owners who have problems in paying their mortgage instalments. Salespersons can help these flat owners by advising them to approach their HDB Branch for a better and clearer understanding of their options.

    Salespersons play a crucial role in advising flat sellers and guiding them to make prudent decisions, particularly to plan for another home before committing to sell their flats. The HDB Resale Checklist provides useful pointers, and salespersons can help their clients by going through the checklist with them carefully. 

    We would appreciate it if you could disseminate this message to your salespersons. 

    Thank you.