• Published Date: 22 Jun 2018

         The Housing & Development Board (HDB) has awarded its third solar leasing tender to Sembcorp Solar Singapore Pte Ltd and Kurihara Kogyo Co., Ltd (Consortium), under the SolarNova programme.  Under this tender, solar photovoltaic (PV) panels will be installed at 848 HDB blocks and 27 government sites by 2Q 2020 (see Annex for the full list of sites). This brings the total number of HDB blocks identified for solar PV installation to over 2,400 blocks.


    2     HDB’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr Cheong Koon Hean said, “Harnessing solar power is key to HDB’s efforts in conserving and optimising the use of energy in our housing estates. This year has been designated as the Year of Climate Change for Singapore, and at HDB, we have reached a 10-year milestone in spearheading solar initiatives and accelerating solar adoption island wide. We are making steady progress. To date, solar panels have been installed or are being fitted in close to a quarter of HDB’s 10,000 residential blocks.  In two years’ time, more than half of all HDB blocks will be fitted with or identified for solar installation.”


    By 2020, more than half of the existing 10,000 HDB blocks will be fitted with or identified for solar installation


    SolarNova Programme


    3     Led jointly by HDB and the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), the SolarNova programme aggregates demand for solar energy across public sector agencies to enable those with smaller solar PV demand to enjoy solar energy at a lower cost due to economies of scale.  This has accelerated solar adoption across the whole-of-government and in Singapore, and continues to contribute significantly to Singapore’s national solar energy target of 350 megawatt-peak (MWp) by 2020, with more than 60 percent or 220MWp coming from HDB’s solar initiatives and programmes.


    4          The first tender under the SolarNova programme, comprising about 800 HDB blocks, was awarded in December 2015 to Sunseap Leasing Pte Ltd for a solar capacity of 76 MWp. Under the second tender awarded to Million Lighting Co Pte Ltd in June 2017, solar panels with a capacity of 40 MWp will be installed at 636 HDB blocks and 31 government sites.


    5     In November 2017, HDB called the third solar leasing tender, aggregating multi-agency demand for the installation of solar panels across 848 HDB blocks and 27 government sites.  With the tender, solar PV systems of 50 MWp will be installed. The tender received keen interest from nine local and foreign companies. The winning bid came from Sembcorp Solar Singapore Pte Ltd and Kurihara Kogyo Co., Ltd (Consortium).


    HDB Plays a Key Role in Driving Solar Demand


    6     HDB is currently the largest stakeholder in the installation of solar PV system in Singapore. Including the third SolarNova tender awarded, about 190 MWp of solar capacity has been procured for over 2,400 HDB blocks. This represents more than 85 percent of HDB’s commitment to generate solar capacity of 220MWp under the SolarNova programme and other solar initiatives by 2020. Power generated by the solar energy harnessed could be used to power common services, such as lifts, pumps, and lighting in common areas in the daytime, potentially reducing carbon emissions by 132,500 tonnes each year.


    7     As of May 2018, about 1,130 HDB blocks have been installed with solar PV panels, covering an estimated area of about 400,000 square metres, or approximately the size of fifty football fields. Installation works for the remaining sites under the first two SolarNova tenders are underway and on track to be completed by 3Q 2019.


    8     The installation of the solar PV systems under the third SolarNova tender is expected to begin in 3Q 2018 and complete by 2Q 2020. HDB targets to call the fourth SolarNova tender in 4Q 2019.