• Published Date: 05 Nov 2015

         Five HDB developments have been conferred a total of six awards for landscaping and greenery by the National Parks Board (NParks), the biggest haul by any organisation thus far. The awards, which include the Skyrise Greenery Award (SGA) and five Landscape Excellence Assessment Framework (LEAF) certifications, recognise HDB’s projects for bringing landscaping, greenery, environmental conservation and the encouragement of biodiversity to residents’ doorsteps.  Among the projects, SkyTerrace @ Dawson has been accorded both the SGA and LEAF certification.


    SkyTerrace @ Dawson wins both the Skyrise Greenery Award and LEAF certification


    2     The full list of developments which were conferred the awards is as follows: 


    Skyrise Greenery Award

    • SkyTerrace @ Dawson (Excellence Award)


    LEAF Certification

    • Outstanding Award - Punggol Northshore District Landscape Masterplan (New development)
    • Outstanding Award - Kampung Admiralty (New development)
    • Skyline I & II @ Bukit Batok (New development)
    • SkyVille @ Dawson (Existing development)
    • SkyTerrace @ Dawson (Existing development)


    3     In designing homes for Singaporeans, HDB recognises that greenery, biodiversity and environmental sustainability play a key role in enhancing our residents’ quality of life. The award-winning projects demonstrate HDB’s efforts in providing residents with lush landscaped environments. For example, communal spaces such as roof gardens, sky terraces and precinct gardens enable residents to mingle and interact amidst ample greenery right at their doorstep. With linear parks and green corridors flanking some of the developments, residents can also enjoy green links to nature outdoors.


    Communal green and landscaped terraces at Kampung Admiralty


    4     In addition, vertical greenery and rooftop greenery are also integrated into the design of the developments to soften the urban environment and provide visual relief for residents. Other environmentally sustainable features in the projects include bioswales and rain gardens that treat surface runoff and help to purify storm water before it is discharged into the surroundings. Where possible, trees are also conserved to retain the natural landscape character of the sites.  


    In-house Landscape Master Planning Capability


    5     For the first time, HDB was conferred the LEAF certification (Outstanding Award) for its Punggol Northshore District Landscape Masterplan. Wholly planned and designed in-house by HDB’s landscape architects, the landscape masterplan is an integral part of HDB’s Biophilic Town Framework. This framework guides the design and planning of urban greenery so that nature can be better incorporated into the planning of the towns for residents’ well-being.


    Punggol Northshore District is designed with a wide array of lush landscape spaces

    that offer residents endless opportunities to mingle, relax and enjoy nature. 


    6     The Punggol Northshore District Landscape Master Plan entails three broad strategies – enhancing existing natural habitats, reconnecting with nature and sustaining ecosystem services. To establish the baseline biodiversity, a biodiversity study of the site was first carried out. From the data obtained, habitats such as dragonfly ponds, bird sanctuaries and butterfly gardens are then designed and zoned within the green spaces throughout the district.


    7     The landscape master plan features a special selection of plant species that will enhance the urban environment through the regulation of air quality, wind flow and thermal comfort.  A district-wide network of bioswales and rain gardens was also incorporated to treat and regulate rainwater runoff.  As part of the efforts to increase the amount of greenery, sky gardens and basement carparks were introduced in each of the residential precincts. The wide array of lush landscaped spaces in Punggol Northshore District offers residents endless opportunities to mingle, relax and enjoy nature. 


    8     HDB’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr Cheong Koon Hean said, “We are encouraged that so many of our HDB developments have been recognised for excellence and innovation in greenery and landscape design. It is an affirmation of our efforts in creating well-designed homes and a quality living environment in an urban setting.  As we design and build a new generation of public housing, we will continue to seek fresh ideas to bring nature to residents’ doorstep. The public can look forward to more HDB projects in lush, green environments, including those in Bidadari, where the first batch of flats will be offered for sale this month.”