• Published Date: 12 Nov 2015

                The Ministry of National Development (MND) and the Housing & Development Board (HDB) announced earlier that HDB will combine the September and November 2015 sales launches into one mega launch. This is to allow more home buyers to benefit from the recent new policies, and to give flat buyers more options in terms of flat locations, flat-types and prices. The mega launch will be held in the second half of this  month.  It will be the largest sales exercise to-date, with a total of about 12,000 flats offered for sale, comprising 7,000 Build-To-Order (BTO) flats and 5,000 balance flats.


    2          To allow prospective flat buyers more time to consider the wide range of flats offered and make an informed decision, we will extend the application period for the mega sales exercise from the typical 7 calendar days to 10 calendar days.


    3          All the information on the BTO and SBF flats on offer will be made available on the HDB InfoWEB.  We would like to advise prospective flat buyers to view the details of the flats on offer online via the HDB InfoWEB, at their leisure. They can get the flat details, as well as submit their applications online via the HDB InfoWEB. There is no need for them to make a trip down to HDB Hub. 


    4          Flat applications are not processed on a first-come-first-served basis.  Flat applicants would have 10 days to consider and submit their applications. They need not rush to put in their applications.