• Published Date: 01 Jun 2016



                For the first time, HDB will be launching a 3-day hackathon, the inaugural HDB Cool Ideas Hack, at HDB Hub from Friday 24 to Sunday 26 June 2016, as an extension of the Cool Ideas for Better HDB Living initiative. The hackathon aims to bring people together to co-create innovative solutions which leverage Information and Communication Technology (ICT), to improve the quality of life in HDB estates in the areas of community bonding, information sharing and eco-friendly living.


    2          Winning teams will have the opportunity to test-bed their winning ideas or applications (apps) in existing HDB towns and estates. They also stand a chance at winning a total of $20,000 in prizes. The award ceremony will be graced by Minister for National Development, Mr Lawrence Wong, on Sun 26 Jun 2016.


    3          Since the launch of the Cool Ideas for Better HDB Living initiative in July 2011, HDB has received more than 500 ideas from the community to improve HDB living. HDB’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr Cheong Koon Hean said, “There are opportunities for everyone to play a part in shaping the HDB living environment and to make it better, according to how they see it. Through the use of ICT, the HDB Cool Ideas Hack empowers and encourages the public to come up with fresh ideas that can enhance their daily HDB living experience. This is also part of our continual efforts to foster stronger community involvement, with people taking a shared responsibility for and making a difference in their community.”


    Inaugural Cool Ideas Hackathon - Better HDB Living, Enhanced Community Ties


    4          The hackathon is open to all members of the public. Participants are not required to be technology or data specialists. This allows people with different backgrounds and areas of expertise to come together, to co-create practical solutions in the form of mobile or web-based applications, or any other ideas that make use of technology, to enhance community bonding, information sharing and eco-friendly living in HDB estates.


    5          Organised under three categories - “Start-up”, “Open” and “Student” categories, the winning teams from each of the three categories stand to win a total of $20,000 in prizes, as well as to apply for the Cool Ideas Fund to turn their winning ideas into workable prototypes for potential test-bedding at HDB estates. Refer to the Annex for details.


    6          To help participants prepare for the hackathon and their idea development process, HDB will be organizing pre-hackathon workshops starting from 18 Jun. Through the workshops, participants will learn more about the various technologies that could help them sketch out ideas to develop into prototypes during the hackathon. They will also hear from guest speakers about their experience in developing innovative ideas.


    7          As the winning ideas and applications could be test-bedded in existing HDB towns and estates, selected data will be provided to participants to help them develop implementable solutions, based on actual scenarios.


    8          The registration period for the HDB Cool Ideas Hack is open from now till 24 June 2016. Registration and other event details can be found on the microsite . Participants can view updates on the hackathon and draw inspiration from past Cool Ideas proposals at HDB’s Cool Ideas Facebook Page.


    Background of Cool Ideas for Better HDB Living Initiative


    9          First mooted by then Minister for National Development, Khaw Boon Wan, the Cool Ideas initiative is part of an ongoing effort to co-create solutions for better living with HDB residents. Since the campaign's launch in 2011, HDB has engaged the public regularly through three different platforms under the Cool Ideas umbrella:

    1. Constituency Competitions for residents;
    2. Design Competitions for students; and
    3. Calls for Ideas via Facebook for the online community at large. The new HDB Cool Ideas Hack is the latest platform, for those who are keen to develop ICT-based solutions for better HDB living.


    10        In 2014, HDB launched a Cool Ideas Fund to allow winners of the Cool Ideas initiative to further develop their winning ideas into workable prototypes for actual test-bedding or take them to the market. More than half a million dollars have been set aside for the winners to tap on over the next three years. The availability of this Fund will help to bridge the gap between the ideas stage and the test-bedding stage.


    11        Through involving the community and enabling residents to come up with ideas based on their own experiences, HDB hopes to encourage a greater sense of ownership among residents, over their homes and living environment.