• Published Date: 08 Dec 2015

          HDB launches the call for proposal for the Good Neighbours Project (GNP) 2016 this week. Now in its third run, the Project aims to inspire and facilitate ground-up initiatives that encourage neighbourliness and make the HDB heartland a vibrant and cohesive community.


    2     The GNP was first launched in 2014. This initiative seeks to bring neighbours together, enlarge their social network and deepen their sense of belonging and attachment to the neighbourhood and community. The GNP 2016 is jointly organised by HDB, Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM) and POSB, and supported by People’s Association (PA).


    3     HDB invites teams with creative ideas to bring their neighbours together to submit their proposals. The submission period for the GNP 2016 is open from 7 Dec 2015 till 31 Jan 2016. Teams can apply for seed funding not exceeding $1,000 to implement their projects under the ‘Community’ and ‘Youth’ categories:


    • Community category: This is open to all Singapore residents who are currently not enrolled in any educational institutions.


    • Youth category: This is open to students from Primary, Secondary and Post-Secondary schools, including junior colleges (JCs), Institutes of Technical Education (ITEs) and tertiary institutions.


    4          The top 30 teams will receive seed funding to implement their proposals. The top 3 teams from the Community category and the top 9 teams from the Youth category will also have the chance to see their projects showcased at the HDB Community Week 2016.


    Forging Bonds that Last


    5          Since the introduction of the GNP in 2014, HDB has received 102 proposals.  A total of 55 projects (15 community projects and 40 youth projects) were selected for implementation. In total, the GNP has reached out to over 10,000 residents, helping them to know their neighbours better through these ground-up projects.


    6          Good Neighbours Projects have helped residents form strong lasting relationships with one another.  The bonds established through the GNP last long after the end of the projects.  One such team is the residents of Oceanus@Punggol who implemented the GNP 2014 (Community) project – MusicForLife. The project encouraged residents to put up musical performances, which served as a common platform for interaction between the musical talents and many others who appreciate music in the neighbourhood.  Long after the project was completed, residents involved in the project continue to maintain and deepen their bonds with each other. Their latest plan is to organise a Christmas Party for all residents of Oceanus@Punggol later this month.


    7          Such efforts to promote neighbourliness extend to the youths as well. Evergreen Secondary School’s team, “EVG Interact Club”, has implemented the GNP 2015 (Youth) project – GROW, for the "Gardens of Bees and Blooms” community garden in Woodlands. Through the project, the team shared gardening tips and encouraged residents to be involved in the community garden and future local events. After the project has been implemented, the team plans to organise more activities at the community garden to cultivate neighbourliness among more residents.


    8          The application period for the GNP 2016 is open from 7 Dec 2015 till 31 Jan 2016. GNP application forms can be obtained and submitted at HDB Branches, Community Clubs/Centres, HDB shopping malls, Residents’ Corners and public libraries. Applications can also be submitted online, via e-forms on the GNP webpage (www.hdb.gov.sg/goodneighboursproject). Students can obtain and submit their application forms through their schools as well.