• Published Date: 22 Sep 2015

         A total of 14 projects were conferred the HDB Design Awards this year. This is the largest number of winners in a year, since the inception of the Awards in 2004. Please refer to Annex A for the list of winners.


    2      The Awards recognise HDB’s industry partners for their exceptional work in creating well-designed estates and homes for our residents. Of the winning projects, SkyTerrace @ Dawson has been awarded the top honour of the HDB Design Award 2015. Designed by SCDA Architects Pte Ltd, the project exemplifies the new generation of public housing, with the provision of sky gardens, community spaces and abundant greenery. Another project that stands out for its outstanding design is Waterway Woodcress, conceived by ADDP Architects LLP. The project received the Certificate of Merit – Design, and serves as a model of how a development can seamlessly integrate with its surroundings.


    3      Mr Sonny Chan, Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA) Architectural Design Awards member, and HDB Design Awards jury panellist said: “The quality and diversity of the projects awarded this year reflect the dedication and commitment of HDB to meet the increased aspirations of the public in public housing. The partnerships forged between HDB and the industry professionals have also promoted innovation and new perspectives of public housing, blurring the lines between public and private developments.”


    Design Features of Award-winning projects


    SkyTerrace @ Dawson


    4      Completed in 2015, SkyTerrace @ Dawson comprises five 40/43-storey residential blocks conveniently linked to a 4-storey carpark podium. The project is nestled next to the Alexandra Canal Linear Park.


    5      Developed as part of the Housing-in-the-Park concept under HDB’s Remaking Our Heartland (ROH) plans for the Dawson estate, SkyTerrace@Dawson is set in a scenic park-like environment, with greenery right at the doorstep of residents. There are abundant green communal spaces, such as roof gardens, sky villages and terraces on different levels for residents to mingle and enjoy scenic views of the surroundings.


    6      In addition, the flat designs also encourage families to live close to one another to strengthen family ties. Multi-generational loft units (4- or 5-room units) are paired with Studio Apartments. The units have a connecting door within, while still maintaining separate entrances.


    SkyTerrace@Dawson has won the HDB Design Award this year. For sleek and clean linear designs, the architects from SCDA Architects Pte Ltd used contrasting colours to enhance the visual effect of boxes stacked one on top of the other.


    Waterway Woodcress


    7      Completed in Apr 2015, Waterway Woodcress is one of the first HDB housing developments fronting the Punggol Waterway. It consists of 694 flats, comprising 100 units of 3-room, 350 units of 4-room and 244 units of 5-room flats. Waterway Woodcress not only exhibits good design thinking, the project’s contractor was also one of the winners of the HDB Construction Awards 2015.


    8      The key design features of Waterway Woodcress encapsulate waterfront living, focusing on seamless integration between the development and the adjacent Punggol Waterway:


    • The orientation and staggered heights of the blocks create a distinctive stepped skyline, allowing more than half of the units to enjoy pleasant views of the waterway.


    • Apart from community spaces situated within the project, residents also enjoy easy access to the Punggol Waterway. This encourages residents to participate in outdoor activities, further enhancing the sense of living next to the water.


    • Taking advantage of the existing terrain, all car parking facilities, as well as mechanical and electrical services, are tucked beneath the lush landscape deck, segregating the vehicular and pedestrian traffic for a safer environment for residents.


    Waterway Woodcress, conceived by ADDP Architects LLP, received the Certificate of Merit – Design this year. The orientation and staggering heights of the blocks allow more than half of the units to enjoy a view of the Punggol Waterway.


    9      These two winning projects demonstrate how thoughtful designs can harmoniously integrate the living environment and community spaces for residents to mingle and interact. They are just two examples of how continued innovation and close collaboration between HDB and its industry partners have pushed the architectural frontiers of public housing.