• Published Date: 22 May 2018

         The Housing & Development Board (HDB) has received top honours for its unwavering efforts in championing a sustainable and quality built environment. The Built Environment Leadership Platinum Star and the BCA Green Mark Platinum Champion were conferred on HDB at the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) Awards ceremony on 22 May 2018 – this is the first time a public agency has been awarded these prestigious accolades.


    2     HDB’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr Cheong Koon Hean said, “Beyond building flats, HDB creates quality homes and distinctive neighbourhoods that residents can be proud to call home. We are honoured to be the first public agency to receive the pinnacle awards for Built Environment Leadership and Green Mark. This a great encouragement for us as we continue to push the frontiers of sustainability and liveability, in our journey to provide well-designed, community-centric and sustainable homes for Singaporeans, under our Roadmap to Better Living in HDB Towns.” 


    Pinnacle of Built Environment & Green Mark Awards


    3     The two awards are the pinnacle of recognition under the Built Environment Leadership and Green Mark schemes :


    1. The BCA Built Environment Leadership (BEL) Award recognises outstanding developers and builders who have demonstrated excellence and leadership in Singapore’s built environment. T those who have established a good track record and have attained “Platinum” status for at least five years running.HDB is the first public sector recipient of the BEL
    2. The BCA Green Mark Platinum Champion Award was introduced in 2011 to recognise developers who have shown a strong commitment towards corporate social responsibility and made outstanding achievements in environmental sustainability. To achieve this award, a developer would have to deliver at least 50 Green Mark projects of Gold or higher rating, including 15 Green Mark Platinum projects.As at April 2018, about 360 HDB projects have met the Green Mark standards with about 140 building projects awarded BCA Green Mark Gold or higher, the highest number for any organisation to date. HDB is the first public agency recipient of the BCA Green Mark Platinum Champion Award.


    Well-Designed & Quality Homes


    4     In housing more than 80% of the Singapore population, HDB is committed to creating a built environment that offers quality homes and a vibrant community. This is achieved through good design, sustainability-driven initiatives, and innovative construction methods.  This year, HDB has received a total of 33 BCA awards for shaping a safe, sustainable, friendly and high quality built environment in Singapore (see Annex for the list of awards). 


    5     To create homes for residents of different abilities and ages to live comfortably in, HDB has adopted Universal Design (UD) features since 2006.  All HDB projects are designed with UD features, such as barrier-free routes within the precinct, ramps at the entrance to the flat and toilets, as well as wider internal corridors for wheel-chair movement. The result is an inclusive, well-designed and user-friendly living environment that residents of different abilities and ages can enjoy. This year, three HDB projects have garnered the Universal Design Mark awards, with Kampung Admiralty clinching the Platinum award (highest honour for Universal Design) and The Verandah @ Matilda receiving the GoldPLUS award.


    The Verandah @ Matilda adopts Universal Design features which allow easy access in the precinct


    6     HDB also relentlessly pursues innovative ideas to boost the quality of living in HDB estates. For example, in our efforts to further green up the Punggol Waterway in Punggol town, HDB’s in-house team developed a floating wetland system and freshwater-tolerant mangroves to intensify the greenery and enhance the water quality of the Waterway, thereby allowing nature to thrive and promoting biodiversity. At the same time, they have transformed the Waterway into a picturesque and peaceful oasis for residents.


    HDB’s innovative Floating Wetlands System and Freshwater-tolerant Mangroves
    offer residents a picturesque and peaceful oasis at their doorsteps


    7     To boost construction productivity, HDB implemented the Prefabricated Bathroom Unit (PBU) and Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC) methods which help to increase construction quality and efficiency while reducing the need for manpower onsite and mitigating negative environmental impact. By 2019, all newly launched HDB flats will be fitted with bathroom units prefabricated off-site, where feasible. Complete with finishes such as partial tiling, window frames, and a waterproofing system, the Prefabricated Bathroom Units (PBU) will be transported to the work site, and hoisted onto the blocks for installation. Along with the adoption of PBUs, HDB will also implement the concrete Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC) method in 35% of its projects by 2019.


    8     HDB’s efforts in improving the quality of its flats have seen results over the years. In the past three years, public housing projects attained an average CONQUAS (Construction Quality Assessment System) score of almost 90, on par with the private sector’s national average. For its efforts in construction excellence and productivity, HDB received six Construction Excellence Awards, and one Construction Productivity Award under the residential non-landed buildings category this year.


    Green, Sustainable, and Liveable Homes


    9      A key facet of HDB’s sustainability efforts is harnessing solar energy to power common services such as lighting, lifts and water pumps.  Today, HDB is the largest stakeholder in the installation of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems in Singapore, having committed to fulfil over 60 percent of the 350 MWp of solar capacity that Singapore has planned to achieve by 2020. This will be achieved progressively by rolling out 220MWp of solar panels across 5,500 HDB blocks by 2020. Through this, 265GWh of clean energy can be generated annually – this is equivalent to powering about 55,000 4-room flats, with carbon emissions reduced by 132,500 tonnes each year.


    10     In yet another significant step towards sustainable development, every new HDB flat launched since January 2014 will be an eco-friendly home. Each flat will come with a standard suite of eco-features that help to manage water, waste and energy more efficiently. They include Centralised Chutes for Recyclables to promote recycling, eco-pedestals in bathrooms which recycle water for toilet flushing, LED lighting with motion sensor controls at staircases, and regenerative lifts that help to lower energy consumption by up to 20% through the harnessing of renewable energy.


    11     Going forward, HDB will continue to make strides in creating a sustainable living environment for residents.