• Published Date: 10 Mar 2017

             From Sunday, 12 March 2017, some stretches of the existing Upper Aljunied Road will be permanently closed to traffic, as part of plans to transform it into a Heritage Walk.  In tandem with the closure, a new realigned Upper Aljunied Road will open to traffic from the same day. With an additional lane in each direction, motorists can look forward to smoother traffic on the new road. 


    New Realigned Upper Aljunied Road


    2         The two sections of the existing Upper Aljunied Road that will be closed are :

    1. the section between Upper Serangoon Road and Bidadari Park Drive (currently under construction); and
    2. the section which joins Mount Vernon Road to the realigned Upper Aljunied Road.


    3         The remaining stretch leading to Vernon Park Road and the Mount Vernon Columbarium and funeral parlours will remain open to traffic, and be connected to the new realigned Upper Aljunied Road. 


    4         With the road closure, the junction at Upper Serangoon Road and Upper Aljunied Road will be removed, and a new dedicated U-turn provided underneath the Upper Serangoon Road viaduct.  Barricades and diversion signs will be put up to guide motorists. Please refer to the layout plan at Annex A for details on the road closure and realignment.


    Plans for Bidadari Taking Shape


    5         Launched in August 2013, the master plan for Bidadari draws inspiration from its rich heritage and unique topography and landscape. The estate is envisioned to be a tranquil urban oasis, where residents can relax and connect with family and friends in a garden-like setting. More details on the key features of the Bidadari Master Plan are at Annex B.  


    6         The realignment of Upper Aljunied Road paves the way for the pedestrianisation of the existing Upper Aljunied Road and the creation of a new Bidadari Heritage Walk that will preserve the rich heritage and memories of the estate. Lined with a canopy of mature trees, the 700-metre Heritage Walk will recount the history and stories of Bidadari’s rich heritage, including prominent personalities of the past.



    The existing Upper Aljunied Road will be transformed into a Heritage Walk,
    lined with mature trees and capturing memories of Bidadari’s rich heritage


    7         The Heritage Walk will stitch the future Alkaff Lake, south of the existing Upper Aljunied Road, with the Bidadari Park located to the north, creating a contiguous and conducive park land within Bidadari for residents to walk and cycle safely around the estate.


    The new Heritage Walk will stitch the Alkaff Lake with the Bidadari Park, creating a contiguous and conducive park land within Bidadari.


    8         Since November 2015, HDB has launched some 4,800 flats in six new-generation public housing projects in Bidadari. These flats have seen strong response, averaging more than five applicants to one flat. Another 1,340 units will be offered for sale in May 2017, comprising a mix of 2-room Flexi, 3-room, 4-room, 5-room and 3Gen flats. 


    9         Those seeking to buy a home in Bidadari can also look forward to private residential developments coming up, with the launch of a mixed commercial and residential site for tender on 6 March 2017.  This first private residential parcel is expected to offer about 825 private homes.  The site will be comprehensively developed to incorporate a community club and Neighbourhood Police Centre, enlivening the whole area and transforming it into a focal point for Bidadari.


    10       As the plans for Bidadari progressively take shape, the vision of the estate is on track to being realized.