• Published Date: 11 Apr 2016

               In March 2015, MND announced three towns under HDB’s Remaking Our Heartland (ROH) 3 programme – namely Toa Payoh, Woodlands and Pasir Ris.


    2          In drawing up the rejuvenation plans, HDB had actively engaged residents and stakeholders early to seek their views and suggestions on the plans. Residents from the three towns were invited in the early stages of the planning, to participate in Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) held in June and July 2015.  Previously for the ROH 1 and 2 towns, public feedback was also sought, but at a later stage.  


    Focus group discussions with the Community


    3          HDB conducted 11 discussion sessions, involving about 400 residents and community stakeholders for the three ROH towns.  These included some sessions with specific stakeholders such as elderly, families with young children and students.


    4          During the FGDs, the discussions centered around three broad topics:

    1. Significant places within the town and identity of the town

    2. Social or public spaces used by residents, and their suggestions to enhance these spaces to improve community bonding

    3. Residents’ experience of walking and cycling within their town and suggestions to improve the town’s connectivity network


    5          HDB has taken into consideration the inputs of the FGD participants when developing the ROH plans.  The ROH plans will take into account the local context and specific requirements of each town, so as to strengthen each town’s identity.  A summary of the FGD findings and some of the preliminary ROH proposals that have been developed are as follows.  More details can be found in the Annex:



    Enhancing Greenery and Community Bonding


    • For Woodlands, residents hoped that the town will continue to be green, with a good range of facilities for residents of all ages. They also hoped for a larger community space within Woodlands Central (Woodlands Regional Centre comprises Woodlands Central and Woodlands North Coast) for residents to organise activities. Residents also felt that covered walkways and wider paths for pedestrians and cyclists would improve residents’ walking and cycling experiences within the town.

    • HDB will enhance greenery in Woodlands by transforming the existing Woodlands Waterfront through interesting landscaping, pocket greens, and more shaded areas, so as to make the entire waterfront more enjoyable for the public. HDB will also provide a town plaza to hold large-scale community activities, performances and events, right at the heart of the town.



    Transform the existing Woodlands Waterfront through interesting landscaping, pocket greens,
    and more shaded areas (Artist’s impression)


    Provide a new town plaza within Woodlands Central to hold
    large-scale community activities (Artist’s impression)


    Toa Payoh

    Celebrating Heritage and Improving Connectivity


    • Residents in Toa Payoh were appreciative of the town’s rich history, and called for the ROH plans to carefully balance the old with the new, so that the uniqueness of Toa Payoh would be enhanced during the process of rejuvenation. Besides hoping to have more greenery in Toa Payoh, residents also expressed their desire for greater connectivity within the town in the form of cycling and walking paths.

    • HDB has considered residents’ feedback and will look into revamping the Pedestrian Mall within the Town Centre. We plan to enhance the walkability in the town and to create a more comprehensive cycling network within the town. The landscape and greenery will also be enhanced.


    Revamp the pedestrian mall in Toa Payoh Town Centre, with more greenery,
    rest areas and some shelters along selected stretches (Artist’s impression)


    Introducing new cycling paths, and injecting more greenery in the form of new
    pocket parks where space is available (Artist’s impression)


    Pasir Ris  

    Injecting Vibrancy and Improving Public Spaces


    • Pasir Ris is envisioned by residents to be a green and tranquil town, in view of its proximity to the sea and the existing greenery.Many residents identified the Pasir Ris Park and Beach, Sungei Api Api and Sungei Tampines, the existing mangrove habitat and Downtown East as significant public places that are unique to the town. Many also look forward to the rejuvenation of the Pasir Ris town centre.  Residents suggested that the existing parks and commercial spaces be upgraded for community activities or events. They would like to see the existing walking/cycling network enhanced by having dedicated cycling paths and supporting facilities. 

    • Pasir Ris residents can look forward to a new mixed-use development integrated with a new bus interchange, which will inject greater vibrancy to the town.  The existing parks e.g. the Pasir Ris Park and Beach, as well as the neighbourhood centres will also be rejuvenated with more  spaces and facilities for recreational and community activities. 


    Introduce a mixed-use development integrated with a new bus
    interchange in the Town Centre (Artist’s impression)


    Rejuvenate existing parks e.g. Pasir Ris Park, with more spaces for
    recreational and community activities (Artist’s impression)


    7          Similar to the ROH 1 and 2 towns, HDB will hold public exhibitions on the proposals for the ROH 3 towns when the plans are formulated.  The details of the exhibition will be announced later when the plans are ready.