• Published Date: 19 Sep 2016

               Last Friday, BCA recommended a list of items to modernise existing lifts in Singapore, to enhance their reliability and performance.


    2          Of the eight modernisation items identified by BCA, the Automatic Rescue Device (ARD), which will bring the lift to the nearest landing and allow lift doors to open in the event of a power failure, is already present in all HDB lifts. HDB has installed this feature so that passengers can exit the lift safely in the event of a power failure.


    3          Due to technological advancements over the years, existing lifts may not be equipped with some of the other seven modern features (Annex) found in newer lifts.


    4          Hence, to bring these older lifts on par with the newer ones, HDB will support Town Councils (TCs) to modernise their existing lifts through a new Lift Enhancement Programme (LEP).


    5          Under the LEP, HDB will fund about 90% of the TCs’ costs to install the recommended enhancement features. Lifts that are not yet equipped with some or all of the enhancement features, and have been in operation for 18 years or less (as of the date of commencement of the LEP), would be eligible for the LEP.Some 20,000 lifts requiring varying extents of modernisation are expected to benefit from the LEP.


    6          More implementation details of the LEP will be provided to TCs in the coming months. TCs will have ten years to carry out the lift modernisation works progressively as part of their maintenance/ lift parts replacement regime. Concurrently, TCs will replace older lifts with new lift systems progressively as they carry out cyclical replacement for these lifts.


    7          About one-third of all the lifts in Singapore are found in HDB estates. As with other lifts in Singapore, all HDB lifts are installed according to prevailing codes and standards at the point of installation. With proper use, regular maintenance, and inspections, existing lifts will continue to be safe for use.