• Published Date: 20 Nov 2016

                 For the fourth consecutive year, HDB has been conferred the National Parks Board (NParks) Landscape Excellence Assessment Framework (LEAF) certifications for excellence in landscaping and greenery.  The award, given to three public housing projects, recognises the projects for bringing nature to residents’ doorsteps, and greening initiatives that boost environmental conservation and biodiversity.  


    2          The winning HDB projects comprise two housing parcels in Dawson, namely SkyResidence @ Dawson and SkyOasis @ Dawson; and a new-generation neighbourhood centre in Punggol, Oasis Terraces. All the three winning projects are under construction.  Among them, SkyResidence @ Dawson and Oasis Terraces received the Outstanding Award, the highest distinction under LEAF. 


    3          HDB’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr Cheong Koon Hean said, “In designing HDB projects, we consciously weave in greenery to provide visual respite in our urban setting.  These green spaces also serve as recreational spaces for residents to enjoy, and community spaces where the kampong spirit can ignite and grow.  I am encouraged to see HDB projects being recognised for excellence in greening and landscape, year after year.  We will continue to press on with fresh ideas and bold designs to make every HDB precinct a green sanctuary for our residents.”


    Multi-coloured Landscaped Hill with a View - Oasis Terraces


    4          Oasis Terraces in Punggol, a new-generation neighbourhood centre, is designed with a series of cascading multi-coloured gardens to resemble a landscaped hill overlooking the Punggol Waterway. This project is slated for completion in the first half of 2018.


    5          The landscape concept comprises three key elements: the inclined gardens, the roof garden, and the rain garden. The inclined gardens feature a series of trapezoid-shaped cascading gardens, with a horticultural display of various plant species in different colour schemes to add visual interest.


    6          Oasis Terraces is designed with a variety of community spaces at different levels, such as a toddler playground on the 4th storey and a water playground on the 5th floor.  On the 6th storey is a fitness corner and community farm.  With such a wide variety of wet and dry recreational spaces linked by pathways lining the trapezoids, Oasis Terraces offers ample opportunity for families and the community to get together even as they take in views of the picturesque Punggol Waterway.


    Designed with a series of cascading multi-coloured gardens, Oasis Terraces resembles
    a landscaped hill and offers a scenic view of Punggol Waterway.


    7          More than bringing people together and closer to nature, Oasis Terraces is also designed to boost biodiversity. Within the development, a variety of plant species will be specially selected to attract birds and butterflies to the building.  The project will also house rain gardens, where residents can find respite in the quiet outdoor space, and learn about the concept of rain gardens at the same time. 


    “Housing-in-a-Park” - SkyResidence @ Dawson & SkyOasis @ Dawson


    8          SkyResidence @ Dawson & SkyOasis @ Dawson, both located in Dawson estate, are designed to provide a distinctive “Housing-in-the-Park” experience, a concept introduced under the Remaking Our Heartland (ROH) initiative. 


    SkyResidence @ Dawson


    9          SkyResidence @ Dawson, a new public housing development bounded by Margaret Drive and Commonwealth Avenue, is located on the site where the old Queenstown Town Centre once stood. It comprises eight residential blocks of up to 47 storeys, and offers a total of 1,217 units of 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-room flats. It is slated for completion in 2020.


    10        The project has been designed to feature a variety of common spaces, with lush landscaping at various levels. At the ground level is a central plaza, where six matured Angsana trees will be conserved, giving the central public space ample shade. Residents will be able to hold community events or take a walk in the surrounding lush green terraces.


    11        Venturing up into the sky, a “Green Ribbon”, in the form of a gradually-rising landscaped deck, will weave together a series of recreational and community spaces at different levels. The 500m long meandering garden will connect all 8 residential blocks at varying levels from the 2nd to the 8th storey, giving residents a spectacular view of the lush canopies of the mature trees, as they jog or exercise at the adult and elderly fitness stations.



    Residents can enjoy a variety of common spaces with lush landscaping at various level,
    including a 500m long ‘Green Ribbon’ that will connect all eight blocks.


    12        The ‘Green Ribbon’ is designed with three themes: The Tropical Forest Garden; The Fragrant Garden; and The Rock Garden. The themed gardens will give each segment a unique identity, making for a more interesting and inviting communal space. A wide variety of plant species will be added to these gardens to enhance the overall biodiversity of Dawson. When completed, residents will be able to catch glimpses of butterflies and dragonflies in the precinct gardens.


    SkyOasis @ Dawson


    13        SkyOasis @ Dawson comprises six residential blocks ranging from 26 to 45 storeys with a total of 1,192 residential units. Sited prominently along the Alexandra Canal Linear Park, the development is designed to encourage residents to venture outdoors for activity, or simply to enjoy nature.  It is slated for completion in 2020.


    SkyOasis @ Dawson is designed to blur the perimeter lines between the housing project and
    the surrounding outdoor areas, inviting residents to venture outdoors for activity.


    14        A key landscape feature in SkyOasis @ Dawson is the roof garden, which sits atop the commercial facilities on the 2nd level. This roof garden, with an area of about 3360 sqm, allows seamless accessibility from the ground level. The design leverages on the difference in terrain to create recreational spaces and pathways to the adjacent Alexandra Canal Linear Park and surrounding walkways. Facilities such as a 3-Generation playground and seats with trellis and shelters will also be provided on the Eco Deck.



    SkyOasis @ Dawson’s Eco Deck features sloped landscape features which seamlessly connect
    recreational space within the project to outdoor facilities located in the ACLP.


    15        More greenery will be interspersed within the blocks. Sky gardens will be located at the 14th and 35th storeys of the 45-storey blocks. Landscaped with plants and fitted with ample seating, these spaces aim to provide a sanctuary for quiet contemplation. In addition to the recreational and communal facilities, residents will enjoy the convenience of an eating house, a minimart, some shops, a childcare centre and facilities for the elderly located within the precinct.