• Published Date: 16 Apr 2017

    Minister for National Development Mr Lawrence Wong announced the renewal plans for Woodlands, at the launch of the Remaking Our Heartland (ROH) exhibition for Woodlands today.


    Plans focus on strengthening Character, Community, and Connectivity


    2          First announced by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in 2007, the ROH programme aims to transform the heartlands into distinctive and endearing homes for Singaporeans. Since then, six towns and estates have been identified for renewal – namely Punggol, Dawson and Yishun in 2007; and East Coast, Hougang and Jurong Lake in 2011.


    3          Woodlands, Toa Payoh and Pasir Ris are the latest batch of towns to be renewed under the ROH programme. The renewal plans will focus on strengthening the character, community, and connectivity of each town:


    • Character – The proposals will build on the unique character and distinct features of each town to strengthen its identity.
    • Community – They will enhance community spaces and facilities to bring residents together through recreational and community activities.
    • Connectivity – The plans will improve connectivity networks in the towns, to enhance the walking and cycling experiences for residents.


    4          In drawing up the rejuvenation plans, HDB had actively engaged residents and stakeholders to seek their views and suggestions on the plans. For the first time, residents from the three towns were invited in the early stages of the planning, to participate in Focus Group Discussions (FGDs). A total of 11 discussion sessions was conducted, involving some 400 residents and community stakeholders from the three towns. With the views gathered from residents, HDB has refined the plans for each town to ensure that the improvements will benefit residents of all ages.


    Six new “Star Attractions”


    5          The plans for Woodlands comprise several major improvements to transform the town into the “Star Destination of the North”, in keeping with its status as the northern regional centre and gateway to Singapore.


    6          Six “Star Attractions”, in the form of new recreational and residential developments, will be introduced to revitalise Woodlands. The existing neighbourhood centres in Woodlands will also be enhanced to bring more greenery and better connectivity to the town.


    Six new “Star Attractions” will be introduced to revitalise Woodlands


    Star Attraction 1: Woodlands Regional Centre


    7          The Woodlands Regional Centre, comprising Woodlands Central and Woodlands North Coast, is set to become an even more vibrant hub of activity, with better connectivity and new commercial and residential developments.


    Woodlands Regional Centre, comprising Woodlands Central and North Coast,
    will see better connectivity as well as new commercial and residential developments


    8          As part of the upcoming Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL), three new MRT stations will be introduced in Woodlands by 2019 to serve residents in the town. This will be joined to the future Johor Bahru – Singapore Rapid Transit System (RTS) Link. Together with the future North-South Corridor, travel from the north to the rest of Singapore will be seamless and convenient. 


    9          In Woodlands Central, a new Town Plaza will be built next to the Woodlands MRT station, in response to residents’ suggestion for a bigger community space. This will offer a convenient and vibrant community node for Woodlands residents to come together to participate in community events.


    A new Town Plaza in Woodlands Central will serve as a vibrant public space for residents


    10        Residents can also look forward to new housing developments in Woodlands. Within Woodlands Central, there will be a landmark residential development located near the MRT station, integrated with a vibrant Pedestrian Mall with commercial and community facilities.  


    A landmark housing development in Woodlands Central will be
    integrated with a pedestrian mall featuring commercial and community facilities


    11        In Woodlands North Coast, a new residential development will offer a “Housing-in-the-Woods” experience. Drawing from its natural setting and proximity to Admiralty Park, lush landscaping will be introduced as green extensions from Admiralty Park. The project will leverage on the hilly terrain, so residents will be able to enjoy good views of the park and the Straits of Johor.


    The “Housing-in-the-Woods” development in Woodlands North Coast will leverage on its hilly terrain,
    to create homes with abundant greenery and views to the Admiralty Park and the Straits of Johor


    12        Beyond new housing developments, the Woodlands Waterfront – a popular recreation spot in the northern tip – will be transformed. A new rustic park, with trails and a nature promenade, will enable residents to enjoy abundant greenery even as they unwind by the waterfront.


    A new rustic park at the Woodlands Waterfront will feature nature trails for residents to explore


    Star Attraction 2 : WoodsVista Gallery


    13        In response to residents’ suggestions for a direct connection from Woodlands Central to the Woodlands waterfront, a new scenic WoodsVista Gallery will be developed to connect the two areas. Set amidst lush greenery, the WoodsVista Gallery will be a 1.9-kilometre-long community link with dedicated cycling and pedestrian paths. Residents will be able to walk, jog or cycle seamlessly from the Woodlands MRT station to the waterfront; or simply relax and take in scenic views of the town at strategically located rest points and activity nodes.


    The WoodsVista Gallery will provide seamless connection between
    Woodlands Central and Woodlands Waterfront.


    Star Attraction 3 : Discovery Playground


    14        The Woodlands Town Garden located at Marsiling will be upgraded and expanded into a new “Discovery Playground”, where residents can enjoy the garden anew and learn about the history of the town. It will feature a new boardwalk, children’s playground, a heritage corner and a learning lane with storyboards to showcase the heritage of the town. When completed, the revamped Woodlands Town Garden will be renamed Marsiling Park, and will offer yet another recreational spot for Woodlands residents.


    At the Discovery Playground, residents will be able to enjoy
    the Woodlands Town Garden anew and learn about the history of the town


    Star Attraction 4 : Wellness Haven


    15        Next to the upcoming Woodlands South MRT station on the TEL, a new integrated healthcare complex will be developed. To be called the Woodlands Health Campus, it will comprise a new acute care hospital, community hospital and a long-term care facility. Designed to integrate with a new park, the healthcare complex will open in phases from 2022, bringing healthcare facilities closer to home, and providing better support for elderly residents to age in place.


    Star Attraction 5 : Community Nexus


    16        On the eastern side of Woodlands, residents can look forward to a new Community Nexus right next to the Admiralty MRT station. Located in this Community Nexus is the integrated development, Kampung Admiralty, which is expected to be completed in 3rd quarter this year. It will house a range of facilities such as a medical centre, eldercare and childcare centres, a hawker centre, dining and retail outlets, as well as housing for the elderly. Together with existing facilities such as Admiralty Place Neighbourhood Centre and Woodlands Galaxy Community Club, the Community Nexus will serve as a one-stop hub of facilities for all ages.  


    The Community Nexus will serve as a one-stop hub of facilities for all ages


    Star Attraction 6 : Social Corridor


    17        The existing park connector that runs from the east to the west of Woodlands will be transformed into a ‘Social Corridor’, with lush greenery, community gardens and 3-Generation facilities along the park connector and MRT viaduct. Residents are invited to give their suggestions on how the community spaces can be used, during the exhibition.


    The Social Corridor along the North-South MRT line viaduct will be designed with
    lush greenery, community gardens and 3-Generation facilities for all residents to enjoy


    Improving Neighbourhoods


    18        Beyond the six star attractions, the existing neighbourhoods in Woodlands will also be enhanced. These improvements include rejuvenating the neighbourhoods, enhancing the greenery, and improving connectivity within the town.


    19        Residents can continue to look forward to improvements within their neighborhood and homes, through the on-going Neighbourhood Renewal Programme (NRP) and Home Improvement Programme (HIP).


    20        In addition, the existing Neighbourhood Centres and parks in the town will be refreshed with enhanced landscaping and upgraded facilities, to bring them up to the latest standards. With these improvements, residents will be able to enjoy a more pleasant overall experience, as they go about their daily shopping needs or connect with other residents in the neighbourhood over activities.


    Selected Neighbourhood Centres will be rejuvenated with enhanced
    landscaping, as well as new and upgraded facilities


    21        Greenery along key roads throughout the town will also be enhanced, with the introduction of an extensive ecological network of green corridors to connect green nodes within Woodlands. These Nature Ways are planted to encourage movement of fauna, allowing residents to appreciate nature at their doorstep.


    22        To provide residents with a more pleasant walking and cycling experience, the cycling network will be enhanced progressively with new cycling paths that connect to the MRT stations. Ramps and lifts will also be implemented over time to improve barrier-free accessibility.


    Cycling paths will be added progressively to connect more residents to the MRT stations


    Residents invited to give their feedback


    23        The renewal plans for Woodlands will collectively revitalise the northern region and open up exciting new residential, recreational, and employment opportunities for all. Residents are invited to visit the Woodlands ROH exhibition and give their feedback on the plans. 


    24        The exhibition will be held at Woodlands Central (next to Woodlands MRT station) on 16 April 2017 (10 am to 9 pm), and from 17 to 30 April 2017 (9 am to 9 pm). Residents may also view the exhibition on the HDB InfoWEB and share their feedback online.


    25        With the feedback, HDB will refine the proposals together with the various government agencies, such that the eventual rejuvenation of the town will benefit as many residents as possible.