• Published Date: 06 Jan 2018

              From Sunday, 14 January 2018, three new roads in Bidadari estate will be partially opened to serve the upcoming developments in the estate. The new roads are:


    a) Bidadari Park Drive

    b) Alkaff Crescent

    c) Woodleigh Link


    2          With the opening of the new roads, three new signalised junctions will also be commissioned at the following locations to regulate vehicular and pedestrian movement:


    a) Bidadari Park Drive / Upper Serangoon Road

    b) Bidadari Park Drive / Upper Aljunied Road

    c) Bidadari Park Drive / Alkaff Crescent


    3          Motorists are advised to drive carefully when approaching the traffic signals and to observe the traffic signal indications. During the commissioning of new signalised junctions, auxiliary police officers will be deployed to guide motorists.  Please see Annex A for details on the road openings and newly-commissioned signalised junctions.


    Plans for Bidadari Taking Shape


    4          Launched in August 2013, the master plan for Bidadari draws inspiration from its rich heritage and unique topography and landscape.  With the vision of “A Community in a Garden”, the estate is set to be developed into a tranquil urban oasis, where residents can relax and connect with family and friends in a garden-like setting. More details on the key features of the Bidadari Master Plan are at Annex B.   


    5          The plans for Bidadari are progressively take shape. Since November 2015, HDB has launched some 6,100 flats in seven new-generation public housing projects such as Alkaff Lakeview, Alkaff Oasis, Woodleigh Glen and Woodleigh Village. These flats have seen strong response, averaging about five applicants to one flat. 


    6          The new roads will serve the needs of the upcoming developments in Bidadari estate.


    The new roads will serve the developments of Bidadari estate, such as Alkaff Lakeview (L) and Woodleigh Village (R)


    7          Among the three new roads, Bidadari Park Drive road is a major road that will serve as the main transportation spine of Bidadari.  It will eventually traverse the full length of the new estate, from Bartley Road to Upper Serangoon Road, serving residents throughout the estate.


    8          Running alongside Bidadari Park Drive is Bidadari Greenway, which extends from the northern to the southern end of the estate. Featuring lush greenery, the 1.6km-long Bidadari Greenway will form a “green spine” connecting the housing developments to the Bidadari Park. It will be lined with rest spots, commercial and social communal facilities, creating opportunities for more community interaction. Pedestrian and cycling paths running through the greenway will also enable residents to walk and cycle seamlessly in the estate.


    The Bidadari Greenway will run alongside the Bidadari Park Drive Road, forming a green spine that traverses through the estate.


    Residents will be able to walk and cycle seamlessly via Bidadari Greenway along Bidadari Park Drive.


    9          As the plans for Bidadari progressively take shape, the vision of the estate is on track to being realized.