• Published Date: 19 Oct 2016

                In the first quarter of 2018, some 10,700 industrial units and 540 industrial land leases under the Housing & Development Board (HDB) will be transferred to JTC Corporation (JTC). The consolidation of all public sector industrial land and properties under a single government agency will enable the Government to better support industrialists, in particular small and medium enterprises (SMEs), in their business growth.


    One-stop access to all industrial facilities and more comprehensive master-planning of industrial districts


    2          With the consolidation of industrial land and properties under JTC, industrialists will have one-stop access to the full range of public sector industrial facilities available. Industrialists will receive better support for their land and space needs across the different stages of their growth, as JTC will be able to better match their needs with a larger supply of industrial land and space. This includes JTC’s customised industrial facilities, which offer shared infrastructure and services that help industrialists reduce their set-up and operating costs. 


    3          In addition, the consolidation will enable the pooling of similar capabilities and resources under one agency for better planning and operational efficiency. It will also enable more comprehensive master-planning of new industrial districts and better clustering and integration of complementary activities along the value-chain.


    Ensuring a smooth transition


    4          The affected tenants and lessees will continue to be served by the same team of HDB officers, who will be transferred to JTC. In addition, the contracted terms and conditions of their tenancies and leases with HDB will remain the same.


    5          HDB and JTC are working together closely to ensure a seamless transition. The agencies have informed the key representatives from the tenants’ associations about the details of the consolidation exercise. Over the next two months, HDB and JTC will be engaging the tenants and lessees, as well as relevant business associations, to understand and address any concerns they may have about the transition, and their future industrial space needs.


    6          For the convenience of the tenants and lessees, counter services will continue to be available at HDB Hub after the transfer. They can also continue to call 1800-866-3077, or email ipgmail@mailbox.hdb.gov.sg, for enquiries on matters relating to HDB’s industrial properties. JTC will also set up a Customer Service Centre at The JTC Summit after the transfer date.


    7          Mr Png Cheong Boon, Chief Executive Officer, JTC, said, “Bringing together all industrial land and properties under JTC will provide industrialists with a single point of contact and the full suite of public sector industrial facilities for their business needs. We would like to assure the affected tenants and lessees that we will work closely with HDB to ensure a smooth transition for all. JTC will continue to develop new industrial facilities that will meet the needs of industrialists, support their transformation and upgrading, and enhance their productivity and competitiveness.”