• Published Date: 28 Dec 2020

    A total of 35 HDB Design, Construction and Engineering Awards have been presented this year to architectural and engineering consultants as well as building contractors for projects which have demonstrated excellent design, engineering and construction. This is the largest number of awards given out since the inception of the HDB Awards in 2008. The full list of this year’s HDB Awards winners is attached in the Annex

    2 HDB’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr Cheong Koon Hean said, “The high number of HDB Awards given out this year affirms the high standards of our industry partners and the important role they play in helping HDB provide a quality living environment for residents. Our architectural and engineering consultants have displayed excellent consideration of site context and produced well thought out, attractive and creative  designs, while our building contractors have innovatively overcome constraints and displayed high construction productivity and efficiency. We commend and congratulate them on their achievements.” 


    Pushing Boundaries in Design Excellence

    St George’s Towers – An Urban Sanctuary

    3 This year sees the highest number of winning projects to date for the HDB Design Awards. Of the 17 award-winning projects, St George’s Towers by LOOK Architects Pte Ltd, stands out with its distinctive architectural features amid surrounding lower-rise developments in the mature estate of Kallang/ Whampoa. 



    With its towering blocks and unique design, St George’s Towers creates an impressive

    facade along the waterfront. [Photo credit: LOOK Architects]


    4 Its eye-catching facade makes use of varied precast facade components with different window alignments that is repeated every six storeys. This, coupled with the painting of different building panels in varying colours, creates dynamic rhythm and visual interest that add to the distinctive design of the development. Each of the three towering blocks is interjected with sky terraces at the 24th storey for a sense of openness, and residents can enjoy the fitness equipment and benches that have been provided while taking in breathtaking views of the city, as well as the Whampoa River.  



    Residents can enjoy the myriad of communal spaces at St George’s Towers. 

    [Photo credit: LOOK Architects]

    5 St George’s Towers, which is integrated with a Senior Activity Centre, comes with abundant communal spaces such as a central green, roof garden at the Multi-Storey Car Park, and rain gardens with seating areas lined along the waterfront to maximise views along the Kallang Whampoa Park Connector, providing plenty of opportunities for the community to gather and interact in a tranquil environment.

    6 Heritage elements were thoughtfully weaved into the development that reflect the area’s history, which used to be a swampland. Residents are welcomed at the porch by the first of a series of murals, which introduces some interesting facets of the history of Kallang/ Whampoa. For instance, the murals depict images of brick kilns and sawmills that were a common sight in the past. The sand and soil along Kallang River were previously used for brickmaking in the brick kilns, while logs from nearby countries were transported to the sawmills to be shaved into planks and sheets. Along the sheltered walkway designed as a heritage walk in St George’s Towers, there are more murals, as well as precinct floor markers imprinted with heritage elements. These markers include Egrets - white, long-necked birds commonly found among mangroves and lotus ponds.  


    Rejuvenation of Hougang Town Centre



    Hougang Town Centre has been renewed with a fishing village theme.

    [Photo credit: SQFT Architects]

    7 Beyond new housing projects, another Design Award winner is SQFT Architects Pte Ltd for the upgrading of Hougang Town Centre under HDB’s Remaking our Heartland (ROH) programme. The design concept was inspired by the history of Hougang, which translates to “the back of the river” as the area at the end of Sungei Serangoon was once a freshwater swamp occupied by the Teochew community which subsequently became a busy fishing village. The rejuvenated town centre is hence enlivened with a fishing village concept, and the area is peppered with imagery of fishing activities such as fishing boat pavilions and a swamp-themed playground with a water ripple floor design. Such elements strengthen the identity of the area and help to increase residents’ sense of belonging, while providing them with an upgraded retail environment in the heartlands to meet their daily needs.  



    Besides adding vibrancy to Hougang Town Centre, the swamp-themed playground acts as a

    focal point to facilitate way finding. [Photo credit: SQFT Architects]


    Honouring Excellence in Construction Productivity

    8 The 10 housing projects conferred the HDB Construction Awards achieved CONQUAS scores above 90, as building contractors continue to help provide quality homes for residents. Tampines GreenView and Meadow Spring @ Yishun were among the developments which attained the CONQUAS STAR with scores above 95 for exemplifying quality workmanship and good construction processes.


    9 For Tampines GreenView by Ho Lee Construction Pte Ltd, the project team raised construction productivity by tapping on Virtual Design & Construction (VDC), a 3D building visualisation platform which incorporates an advanced 3D modelling tool known as Building Information Modelling (BIM). Virtual reality mock-ups that were used to map out and review design plans enabled the team to coordinate construction activities holistically. This prevented abortive work during actual construction. Ho Lee also made use of a mobile application for efficient documentation and tracking of safety and quality inspections.   



    Tampines GreenView: The use of collaborative technological platforms raised construction

    productivity. [Photo credit: Ho Lee Construction]

    10 Another HDB Construction Award winning project is Meadow Spring @ Yishun by BHCC Construction Pte Ltd. Instead of building with conventional precast slabs which are of the same size, the project team utilised customised large panel precast slabs so that fewer components and rounds of installations were required. This also increased construction productivity as it reduced the need for the pouring of concrete on site as well as manual work to complete precast assembly. Additionally, with the close proximity of the site to an international school, BHCC limited the hoisting of precast components to off-peak hours and installed a device to proactively monitor the noise levels and minimise inconvenience caused. Their use of efficient construction methods and good project management efforts garnered them affirmation from the judges. 



    Meadow Spring @ Yishun: Customised large panel slabs were utilised to reduce the

    installations required. [Photo credit: BHCC Construction]


    Recognising Engineering Innovation and Excellence 


    11 This year, HDB also affirmed four consultants/contractors for engineering excellence in the development of building, infrastructure and land reclamation projects. The Engineering Award underscores the importance of innovative engineering solutions in laying the foundation for a quality, sustainable living environment. 

    12 For housing developments in this category, Tampines GreenGlen is the first housing project to be constructed using a new hybrid Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC) system developed by HDB’s Building & Research Institute. Conventional PPVC modules are box-shaped with columns at the four corners, resulting in double columns and double beams when put together. On the other hand, the hybrid PPVC system is based on two basic modules – one is box-shaped but with fewer columns, and the other is 3-sided. The new modules are lighter and can be easily transported, lifted and installed.  



    The assembling of conventional PPVC modules results in double columns and double

    beams as seen when the two components are put together.



    Hybrid PPVC modules have fewer columns and can be put together in multiple ways.


    13 The hybrid system allows for more flexibility as the basic modules can be joined together in many ways to form different flat types. For larger flats, the 3-sided module was used for the front of the living room and complemented with a precast slab and precast wall for the back. Due to fewer and smaller columns and beams, homeowners have more usable space in their flats for renovation. The use of less concrete also contributes to environmental sustainability. 

    14 Another winning project that exemplifies engineering innovation is the land reclamation works at Changi East led by HDB in consultation with various agencies and stakeholders. The contractor Hyundai Engineering and Construction Co. Ltd used cutting-edge methods to overcome site constraints, including the use of high-pressure water jets to loosen the soil around angled steel piles in the seawall, and extracted the piles fully intact. Additionally, Hyundai specially fabricated a sand spreader barge to discharge sand at a controlled rate in order to protect existing infrastructure. 

    15 Moving forward, HDB will continue to work closely with our industry partners as we forge ahead with more innovative designs and leverage new technologies and smart solutions to create sustainable, vibrant towns and endearing homes for residents.