• Published Date: 04 Sep 2017

               A total of 12 HDB Design Awards and 12 HDB Construction Awards will be presented this year to architectural consultants and building contractors for projects which have demonstrated excellent design, and quality and innovative construction respectively. Second Minister for National Development, Mr Desmond Lee, will present the Awards to the winners at the HDB Awards ceremony, on 6 September 2017.  The full list of this year’s HDB Awards winners is attached in the Annex.


    2          The Awards recognise HDB’s industry partners for their contributions to developing well-designed and quality homes for Singaporeans. HDB’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr Cheong Koon Hean said, “Delivering well-designed and quality homes for Singaporeans is a national endeavour.  Even as HDB takes the lead in planning, design and construction of public housing, our architectural consultants and building contractors play an important role. My heartiest congratulations to all the winners for their outstanding contributions.  I look forward to their continued partnership in our journey to build better homes for Singaporeans.” 


    Waterway Cascadia – Harnessing the green and blue elements


    3          Of the 12 HDB Design Award projects, Waterway Cascadia, designed by ADDP Architects LLP, is an excellent example of the new generation of public housing. Capitalising on its location along the picturesque Punggol Waterway, the design concepts centre on enhancing the living environment for residents through the provision of abundant community spaces and connecting residents to greenery.


    4          The staggered orientation and heights of the blocks at Waterway Cascadia project an interesting and dynamic valley-shaped skyline, lending a cascading effect to the precinct. Designed with curvilinear river-like strokes, the staggering heights of the blocks also maximise views of the scenic Waterway.


     Blocks at Waterway Cascadia are arranged in curvilinear river-like strokes and stepped down in heights for a unique cascading effect


    5          The blocks at Waterway Cascadia are oriented to face the lush greenery, recreational and communal facilities atop a two-storey car park.  A precinct pavilion overlooking the waterway marks the pedestrian entrance, providing a warm welcome to residents as they enter the precinct. A viewing deck, located at the pavilion, offers panoramic views of the Punggol Waterway.


    6          To strengthen the precinct’s identity and character, architectural frames resembling detached, semi-screened “white boxes”, are interspersed with recessed balconies at regular intervals.  Commenting on the creative design of Waterway Cascadia, Mr Tan Kok Hiang, Principal Director of Forum Architects and Jury member for this year’s HDB Awards said, “It is now a given for new HDB designs to have well-connected and beautiful community spaces. Another important aspect is developing expressions that give identity and elegance to the estates. A good example this year is Waterway Cascadia, with its use of architectural frames to ameliorate the scale of the blocks and to distinguish it from other estates.”


    Architectural white frames interspersed with recessed balconies lend Waterway Cascadia a strong identity and character that distinguishes itself from other projects


    7          In line with the vision of Punggol as an eco-town, eco-friendly features have also been consciously incorporated into the design of Waterway Cascadia. A network of bio-swales and rain gardens in the project treats and regulates rainwater runoff, while other sustainable features include the provision of centralised dual refuse chute and energy efficient lighting with motion-sensored controls at common areas. In recognition of its sustainability efforts, the project has garnered not only the BCA Greenmark Gold Plus, but also the ABC Waters Certification.


    Keat Hong Pride – Green links to the outdoors


    8          Another HDB Design Award winning project, is Keat Hong Pride, designed by Surbana Jurong Consultants Pte Ltd. Flanked by a neighbourhood park and a park connector along its eastern and southern edges, the project features lush greenery, so residents can enjoy green links to nature outdoors. A central feature of the project is the vast roof garden above the car park, which houses a myriad of outdoor facilities such as playgrounds, precinct pavilions, shelters and fitness corners.


    The vast roof-top gardens above the MSCPs are well-connected to all the blocks and provide a myriad of play and exercise facilities for residents


    9          A network of gentle ramps and link bridges provides seamless connections between the central roof garden, neighbourhood park and the residential blocks. In addition, community living rooms located at each block serve as welcoming spaces for residents to gather and interact with each other.


    10        As a tribute to the military heritage of the site, the façade of the blocks sport vertical fins organized in rhythmic form, reminding one of a military parade review when viewed from a passing train.


    The design of Keat Hong Pride pays tribute to the site’s military heritage, with vertical fins on its façades resembling a parade review.


    Pedestrian Mall at Bedok Town Centre – Design excellence in rejuvenation


    11        Beyond new housing projects, the HDB Design Award also recognises design excellence in the rejuvenation of older estates. This year, Bedok Town Centre’s Pedestrian Mall, upgraded under HDB’s Remaking Our Heartland (ROH) programme, was conferred the HDB Design Award under the rejuvenation category. The pedestrian mall has been reconfigured and refreshed with new paving, landscaping and plants to provide better links to the wide variety of new and old amenities within the Town Centre. The jury was impressed by the sensitive attention to details by the consultants to overcome the challenging site level differences. Designed with gentle ramps and distinct activity nodes and resting points, the landscaped paths offer residents of all ages and abilities seamless connectivity and improved accessibility within the Town Centre, adding to the vibrancy of the town.


    Recognising Construction Excellence


    12        HDB housing projects continue to achieve good quality standards, with all eight housing projects conferred the HDB Construction Awards this year achieving CONQUAS scores of over 90, well above the national average of 88.7.     


    13        Mr Seah Chee Huang, 1st Vice President of Singapore Institute of Architects, and an HDB Construction Awards jury panellist said, “It is very encouraging that HDB continues to champion construction innovation and quality, setting higher benchmarks in quality standards each year. This will help to significantly elevate the quality of our public housing and infrastructure, ultimately ensuring better quality homes and environments for our community.”


    14        Among the award winners, Hougang Meadow by China Construction (South Pacific) Development Co Pte Ltd, stands out for achieving CONQUAS STAR – given for projects with scores above 95.  Located at the junction of Upper Serangoon Road and Lorong Batawi, this project comprises six residential blocks offering a total of 800 dwelling units. Throughout the construction period, China Construction placed great emphasis on Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) improvement measures. For example, they installed a 6m high noise barrier along the stretch of Lorong Batawi to mitigate the noise impact to surrounding residents.


    Hougang Meadow, a CONQUAS STAR project, exemplifies construction innovation and quality


    Moving Forward


    15        The close partnership between industry partners and HDB is paramount in our journey of creating well-designed, sustainable and community-centric towns under our Roadmap to Better Living in HDB Towns. Through this collective partnership, we will continue to transform the heartlands and bring better HDB living to more Singaporeans.