• Published Date: 17 Oct 2021

           A total of 16 HDB Design, Construction and Engineering Awards will be presented this year to architectural and engineering consultants as well as building contractors for projects that have demonstrated excellent design, engineering and construction. Minister for National Development, Mr Desmond Lee, will present the Awards to the winners1  at the HDB Awards ceremony on 20 October 2021. The full list of this year’s HDB Awards winners is attached in the Annex.


    2     HDB’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr Tan Meng Dui said, “The past year and a half has been particularly challenging for our contractors and consultants, but they have risen to the challenge. Thanks to their dedication, professionalism and resilience amidst the pandemic, HDB has been able to continually deliver quality homes to Singaporeans, with the flats delivered now surpassing pre-pandemic levels. Through the HDB Awards, HDB is happy to recognise and affirm the excellence displayed by our industry partners in the design and construction of our HDB projects. We look forward to their continued invaluable partnership to deliver quality and cherished homes to Singaporeans, and stand with them as we ride out the challenges facing the construction industry together.


    Designing for Residents’ Well-being and Convenience


    SkyParc @ Dawson – Living within a Park


    3     Of the projects that have clinched the Design Awards, SkyParc @ Dawson stands out for its well-balanced blend of high-rise living with nature. Designed by Design Link Architects Pte Ltd, the project comprises three tower blocks rising from a forest green. Guided by the ‘Housing-in-a-Park’ vision for Dawson estate, the consultant used trees and plants to enhance outdoor comfort, stormwater management and ecological connectivity. These verdant provisions at SkyParc @ Dawson bring to life the vision of vibrant urban living in a park-like setting where residents can easily access nature at their doorsteps.


    SkyParc @ Dawson sits along the 200-metre long Dawson Community Eco-corridor, offering residents the experience of living within a park.
    [Photo credit: Design Link Architects Pte Ltd]


    4     Residents of SkyParc @ Dawson enjoy green views at every turn, with more than 80 species of trees, palms and scrubs interspersed throughout the sky terraces, roof gardens, as well as expansive landscaped common greens at the ground level. The abundant green spaces, equipped with communal facilities such as fitness corners, playgrounds and community gardens, also provide a welcoming and conducive space for residents to come together and get to know each other. Those looking for a quiet space can follow the meandering landscaped trails within these green spaces to arrive at more tranquil green pockets with seating areas, where they can also enjoy the restorative benefits of nature.


    5     A key feature of the precinct is the Dawson Community Eco-corridor – a 200m pedestrianised corridor that was formerly part of Margaret Drive – where 18 mature trees, including Rain Trees and Broad-Leafed Mahogany, have been conserved. These mature trees provide the foundation to enhance the vegetation and retain the wildlife in the area, while also helping to cool the environment and provide shade on sunny days.


    Left: Part of the former Margaret Drive was converted into a Community Eco-corridor to allow local biodiversity to thrive. Right: In tribute
    to thelocal flora and fauna of the area, a series of mosaic murals can be spotted throughout the development. [Photo credit: Design Link
    Architects Pte Ltd]


    Insect hotels, nest boxes and drilled wood logs – a first in a public housing project – are designed to recreate natural habitats to help the local
    biodiversity thrive. [Photo credit: Design Link Architects Pte Ltd]


    Eastlink I & II @ Canberra – Connecting Places to Your Home


    6     Eastlink I & II @ Canberra by SAA Architects Pte Ltd has also won a Design award for its thoughtful amalgamation of aesthetics and convenience. Designed around the central theme of connectivity, the mixed development integrates housing and green spaces with commercial and community facilities. Each of the 11 residential blocks is linked via a network of elevated sheltered linkways to Canberra MRT Station, Canberra Plaza and the Canberra Park Connector, providing residents and the community a safe and barrier-free commute to a wide array of amenities to meet their daily needs. These communal thoroughfares also maximise opportunities for the community to meet and interact as they go about their daily activities.


    The network of sheltered linkways provides convenience for residents staying at Eastlink I & II @ Canberra, allowing them to access amenities
    in the area easily. [Photo credit: SAA Architects Pte Ltd]


    7     Canberra Plaza, a New Generation Neighbourhood Centre (NC) serving the residents of Eastlink I & II @ Canberra, is nestled conveniently in between the two residential precincts. Completed in 2019, when residents began to move in, the three-storey NC offers residents an array of amenities and services at their doorstep with 55 shops providing food and retail options, as well as commercial services (e.g. hair salons, enrichment centres, clinics etc.), a food court and supermarket. The NC’s sprawling outdoor community plaza provides a conducive space for residents to participate in social and lifestyle activities together, such as exercise events and community bazaars. Such community activities encourage interaction among the residents, and promote the building of close community ties. Meanwhile, a linkway at the NC’s ground level provides a sheltered passageway for residents directly to and from the precinct green and MRT station.


    The three-storey Canberra Plaza is now a one-stop destination that provides communal and commercial amenities for residents
    [Photo credit: SAA Architects Pte Ltd]


    8     The design of the mixed development draws inspiration from the town’s history as a naval base, and forms a distinct landmark in the area. The linkways meander gently like waveforms, while the façade features undulating bands which create a sense of movement. Nautical-themed playgrounds can also be found within the lushly landscaped environment. Together, these design elements give Eastlink I & II @ Canberra its unique identity.


    Nautical-themed designs and playgrounds harken to Canberra’s naval-base history, adding a unique character and identity to the
    development. [Photo credit: SAA Architects Pte Ltd (L) and Nanjing Dadi Construction (Group) Co., Ltd. (Singapore Branch) (R)]


    Pushing new Frontiers in Innovation


    Parc Residences @ Tengah – Piloting smart solutions


    9     On the engineering front, Parc Residences @ Tengah will be conferred the Innovative Engineering Award (Design) 2021 in recognition of its engineering design and construction innovations. The award underscores the importance of innovative engineering solutions in laying the foundation for a quality living environment. Designed entirely by HDB’s in-house team of planners, architects and engineers, the project comprising 12 residential blocks and a Neighbourhood Centre, is slated to be completed in 2025.


    Artist’s Impression of Parc Residences @ Tengah, an integrated development with public housing and a Neighbourhood Centre. [Photo credit: HDB]


    10     Parc Residences @ Tengah is the first project to adopt the Integrated Building Information System (IBIS), a cloud-based collaborative platform which streamlines communication and data flow between various stakeholders during construction. The IBIS is a key feature of the Smart Integrated Construction System (SICS), which was developed with Nanyang Technological University (NTU) to transform traditional construction processes using radio-frequency identification (RFID) and automation.


    The Integrated Building Information System enables real-time data sharing among industry partners for greater productivity and efficiency. [Photo credit: HDB]


    11     The IBIS serves as a central digital database containing all the information on the project, and is accessible by industry partners in the entire construction supply chain. Using 3-dimensional modelling of HDB projects as a common platform, all parties can log in real-time information and progress updates on the project from their dispersed locations. This streamlines information and speeds up data-sharing (e.g. construction planning and schedule) amongst the different stakeholders such as architects, contractors, pre-casters and construction material suppliers, enabling them to better keep track of construction timelines and budgets. With more effective communication and collaboration, potential construction issues can be detected and rectified early. Besides serving as a collaborative workspace, the IBIS is also used to track delivery of construction materials, allowing for better logistics planning. HDB will assess the system’s performance, before considering the feasibility for wider scale implementation in other HDB projects.


    12     Parc Residences @ Tengah will also be conferred the Innovative Design Award for its design approach that focuses on promoting residents’ well-being. In line with HDB’s ‘Designing for Life’ roadmap, HDB’s multi-disciplinary team has infused health and wellness elements throughout the precinct to encourage healthy living as part of residents’ daily routines. For example, the multi-storey carpark (MSCP) has been reimagined as a social hub where the ground level will be designed as a car-free, sheltered community space for all ages, with amenities such as a childcare centre, fitness stations, and a playground. To encourage residents to adopt stairclimbing as a form of exercise, the staircases at the MSCP of Parc Residences @ Tengah have been attractively designed as fitness stairs with motivational messages. In addition, the project also features solar panels, that will generate green energy to power common services such as lifts, lighting in common areas and pumps.


    Fitness station (left) and staircases at the MSCP (right). These are artist impressions and actual design may differ. [Photo credit: HDB]


    Recognising Construction Excellence


    13     This year, six building contractors will also be recognised for construction excellence in the development of housing projects that achieved CONQUAS scores above 90. The Construction Award underscores the importance of innovative construction solutions to overcoming site specific challenges while upholding the quality of the project and safety of the workers.


    14     Among the award-winning projects is Forfar Heights by BHCC Construction Pte Ltd, which overcame major site constraints and attained a high CONQUAS score of 92. Located in a densely built-up area at the junction of Alexandra Road and Commonwealth Avenue, Forfar Height comprises a single 43-storey high residential block and a commercial block. To raise construction productivity, the contractor leveraged technological tools to conduct checks on the quality of architectural finishes. For example, drones were used to carry out façade inspections, while an Artificial Intelligence (AI) software helped to identify minor paintwork issues using the high-resolution images captured by the drones during the façade inspections. This helped to eliminate the risk of working-at-height for external façade inspections, and reduced the time needed for physical inspections. As a result, the project achieved a good Safety & Health record throughout the construction period, i.e. no workplace incidents which could delay construction works.


    Forfar Heights: Innovative technology was used to raise construction productivity.
    [Photo credit: BHCC Construction Pte Ltd]


    Staying the Course with our Industry Partners


    15     Although Covid-19 has brought about many unprecedented challenges and constraints, HDB is heartened that contractors and consultants have responded to the disruptions by innovating new solutions and pushing boundaries, to build and complete quality homes while upholding quality and safety. With the challenges of the pandemic still playing out, HDB will continue to engage closely with and support our industry partners, to deliver quality homes for Singaporeans.


    1  Minister will be presenting awards to the 2020 and 2021 award winners, as the ceremony was not held last year due to the Covid-19 pandemic.