• Published Date: 11 Jun 2019

    Flat buyers can submit application and select a unit by the next working day


                Flat buyers can now book flats from an open Re-Offer of Balance Flats (ROF) pool at any time of the year, as part of HDB’s efforts to make flats even more accessible to potential home buyers. This was earlier announced in Minister Lawrence Wong’s blog post in February 2019 and MND’s Committee of Supply debate in March 2019.


    Open Booking of Unselected Flats from ROF Pool


    2          Under this new option, flat buyers will be able to book from the pool of unselected flats from ROF exercises. Flat buyers can view the online listing of these flats anytime, submit an online application and select a unit as early as the next working day. This new option enables more flat buyers to move into their homes earlier.

    Application Process


    3          Details of the ROF flats available for open booking may be viewed on the HDB InfoWEB from today (11 June). Interested applicants can apply for a flat from 18 June. The one-week period gives interested applicants time to gather information on the flats offered, before submitting their application.


    4          Applicants will be able to select and book a flat on a first-come-first-served basis. During the flat selection appointment, applicants will be assessed for eligibility before they book a flat (Refer to Annex A).


    Pool of Flats


    5          A total of 123 flats will be available for application from 18 June, comprising 105 flats in mature towns (such as Ang Mo Kio, Bukit Merah and Toa Payoh) and 18 flats in non-mature towns (such as Bukit Batok and Jurong West).


    6          A fresh supply of ROF flats will be made available for open booking twice a year, in February and August[1]. To allow time for preparation, online applications will be suspended for about two weeks prior to each inject of new flats. During each suspension, HDB will publish the dates for the next inject and when it will start accepting online applications, so that home buyers can plan ahead for their purchase. 


    HDB’s Sales Modes


    7          Currently, buyers can apply for a flat under different sales modes, depending on their needs and preferences. While the majority of flat buyers purchase flats under Build-to-Order (BTO) and Sale of Balance Flat (SBF) exercises, the ROF exercises, which were introduced in 2017 to help young couples get their first home sooner, have also been popular. Since August 2017, close to 3,400 units have been offered via the ROF exercises, with about 3,000 households (or 88%) booking a flat. Of these, 1,850 households (or 62%) have already collected the keys to their flats.


    8          The new open booking of ROF flats, together with the existing sales modes (Refer to Annex B), will provide more options for home buyers to find a flat that meets their budget and needs. HDB will continue to monitor the response and make refinements to our sales processes where necessary.





    [1] For 2019, the next inject will be in August.