• Published Date: 03 Nov 2020

    New Funeral Parlour Complex will be built on a smaller plot of land at the old Mount Vernon Columbarium Complex site, and is one of five new sites to meet the anticipated demand for after-death facilities and services


    On behalf of the National Environment Agency (NEA), the Housing & Development Board (HDB) has awarded the Design Consultancy Tender for the new Funeral Parlour Complex in Bidadari Estate to a Multi-Disciplinary Team led by LAUD Architects Pte Ltd. In January 2018, NEA and HDB announced the redevelopment of the previous funeral parlours at the Mount Vernon Columbarium Complex into a new Funeral Parlour Complex, as part of the Government’s efforts to meet the anticipated demand for after-death facilities and services as the population in Singapore ages. The new Funeral Parlour Complex will occupy 1.1 hectares of the 7.1 hectares previously occupied by the Mount Vernon Columbarium Complex.

    2 When completed, the new purpose-built Funeral Parlour Complex will offer a holistic range of services to the public. Apart from 12 funeral wake halls, there will also be shops to support the Funeral Parlour Complex, for the sale of flowers, funerary goods and paraphernalia.  It will also feature a seminar room to facilitate events. A food and beverage outlet located in the complex grounds will also be made easily accessible to members of the public. There will not be a columbarium and crematorium located within the Funeral Parlour Complex (see Annex A for location and Annex B for artist impression of the new Funeral Parlour Complex).

    3 The new Funeral Parlour Complex will be a modern facility which provides a dignified setting for the deceased, bereaved families and the larger community. The design by the consultants features a low-rise complex sensitively integrated with the topography and surrounding greenery. This includes the adoption of a naturalistic colour palette, as well as landscaping on the roof and in the courtyard spaces. When completed, it will set a new benchmark for future funeral parlours and after death facilities in Singapore.  

    4 Entrances of the facilities, such as wake halls and funeral trade shops will be designed to face inwards toward the complex’s internal courtyards. Funerary activities and processions will be screened from public view where possible, through careful layout of the buildings and the use of design elements such as screens, providing greater privacy to users of the complex. A centralised eco-friendly burning chamber will also be made available within the facility for paper offerings as open-air burning will not be permitted. 

    5 NEA and HDB had consulted the funeral parlour industry in drawing up the design brief and design concept for the Funeral Parlour Complex in 2018, and will continue to consult the industry and incorporate suggestions where appropriate when the design is further developed by the consultants. The new complex is targeted to complete in 2025.