• Published Date: 02 Sep 2018

                A total of 31 HDB Design, Construction and Engineering Awards will be presented this year to architectural consultants and building contractors for projects which have demonstrated excellent design, construction, and engineering. Second Minister for National Development, Mr Desmond Lee, will present the Awards to the winners at the HDB Awards ceremony, on 3 September 2018.  The full list of HDB Awards winners is attached in the Annex.


    2          The Awards recognise HDB’s industry partners for their contributions to developing well-designed and quality homes for Singaporeans. HDB’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr Cheong Koon Hean said, “Our industry partners play a key role in shaping the public housing landscape. With the unwavering support of our architectural and engineering consultants, as well as our building contractors, we have been able to deliver on our mission of creating vibrant towns and quality homes. I commend them for their dedication and congratulate them on their achievements. We will continue to work in close partnership with them to bring more endearing homes to Singaporeans.”


    Recognising Engineering Innovation and Excellence


    3          This year, a new category, the HDB Engineering Award, has been introduced to recognise civil and structural (C&S) consultants and contractors for engineering excellence in the development of building and infrastructure projects.  This new Award underscores the importance of innovative engineering solutions in laying the foundation for a quality living environment. The Award comprises two main categories, the HDB Engineering Award (Design) for consultants, and the HDB Engineering Award (Construction) for contractors who have adopted well-integrated design and construction methodology in their building and infrastructure projects.


    4          The inaugural Innovative Engineering Award (Design) will be conferred on Royal Haskoning DHV and Surbana Jurong Consultants Pte Ltd for designing the ground-breaking polder development in Pulau Tekong. Traditionally, sand has been used in land reclamation, to fill the area to be reclaimed above sea level. The polder method involves building a dike around an area to be reclaimed and draining the water from it. This allows the reclaimed area to be built at a lower level and hence significantly reduces the amount of sand needed for land reclamation.


    5          Another Engineering award-winner is P&T Consultants, which will receive the award for its engineering breakthrough at West Terra @ Bukit Batok project – the first public housing project to be built with Pre-fabricated Volumetric Construction (PVC) technology. In this development, 3-dimensional (3D) PVC components such as household shelters, bathrooms and kitchens were constructed and assembled in different configurations to create different layouts at the factory, before being transported to the construction site and hoisted onto the blocks for installation. Compared with the conventional 2D precast construction method, PVC increases construction productivity and safety on site, and helps to reduce labour needs, as well as noise and dust generated from works.


    6          The PVC pilot has also paved the way for the adoption of the Pre-fabricated Pre-finished Volumetric Construction (PPVC) method to further boost construction productivity in public housing projects. With the PPVC method, 3D volumetric components come pre-fitted with floor and wall finishes, window frames and a preliminary coat of paint. It will be implemented in 35% of new public housing projects by 2019.


    Pushing the Frontiers of Design Excellence


    Waterway View – A Rustic Sanctuary by the Water


    7          Of the 12 HDB Design Award projects, ADDP Architects LLP’s Waterway View stands out for its distinctive architectural features. The rustic “kelong” theme, inspired by Punggol’s early beginnings as a “kelong” or fishing village, is reflected in the colour selection of the blocks, mimicking natural wood in the façade treatment, as well as the use of the stilt-like columns for the outdoor decks. Within the precinct are six pergolas, creatively designed to resemble traditional Malay fishing traps, and fully equipped with seats, staircases and even a lift.


    Residents enjoy tranquil waterfront living at Waterway View, designed to reflect Punggol’s historical past as a fishing village.
    [Photo credit: ADDP Architects LLP]


    8          Flanked by two water bodies, Waterway View has been designed to capitalise on its waterfront location. The staggered arrangement of the blocks minimises overlapping and allows more residents to enjoy the picturesque view of the Punggol Waterway. To enhance the waterfront experience, community living rooms, viewing decks and footpaths have been tiered to gradually lead to the waterway.


    The layered landscape edge at the water front is an innovative way of maximising waterway views.
    [Photo credit: ADDP Architects LLP]


    9          Mr Tan Shao Yen, Chief Executive Officer of CPG Consultants and Jury member for this year’s HDB Awards said, “The townscape and landscape of HDB towns form a big part of Singapore’s urban fabric, contributing to Singaporeans’ shared experience. It is heartening to see that HDB as well as the architectural consultants have continued to push the building profile in their designs, so that many residents can benefit from well-designed HDB buildings and public places.”


    Rejuvenating the Heartlands


    10        Beyond new housing projects, the HDB Design Award also seeks to recognise design excellence in the rejuvenation of older estates. Among the award winners this year is SQFT Architects Pte Ltd for the upgrading of the neighbourhood centre at Hougang Street 21. The upgrading, which was part of the renewal plans for Hougang under HDB’s Remaking Our Heartland (ROH) programme, has revitalised the neighbourhood hub and enhanced its connectivity.


    11        Known as Kovan City, it features a new Community Plaza, complete with seating areas, steps, and flower-sculptures. A stone’s throw away, parents can rest at the petal-inspired sheltered pavilion while children play at the new playground with their friends. Sculptural directional posts, petal-like seats and flower-shaped patterns on the flooring have added a burst of colour and brought cheer to the ageing neighbourhood centre. These features also act as focal points and markers to facilitate way finding.



    The upgrading of Kovan City has given the once ageing neighbourhood centre a new lease of life
    [Photo credit: SQFT Architects]


    Rewarding Construction Excellence


    12        This year also sees the highest number of winning projects to date for the HDB Construction Awards, given to building contractors who have demonstrated construction excellence. Mr Seah Chee Huang, Director of DP Architects, and an HDB Construction Awards jury panellist said, “The quality of entries submitted has continued to set a new benchmark in construction excellence for our public housing and infrastructure projects. Kampung Admiralty is one of these exemplary public projects that synthesize complex multi-stakeholder requirements, with quality architectural design, delightful environments and productive construction methodology as an integrated whole.”


    13        Designed by WOHA Architects Pte Ltd and built by Lum Chang Building Contractors Pte Ltd, Kampung Admiralty was conferred both the Design Award and the Construction Award for its realisation of the unconventional layered design approach that created tiers of lush greenery which double up as community spaces, as well as for demonstrating quality construction and workmanship. The project was also awarded the CONQUAS STAR, which is conferred upon projects with scores above 95 for quality workmanship.


    14        Another HDB Construction Award winning project is SkyPeak @ Bukit Batok by Ho Lee Construction Pte Ltd. Located between two primary schools along Bukit Batok East Avenue 6 and Street 21, the project presented construction challenges right from the beginning, as the schools’ operations had to be factored in. The project team engaged the schools, grassroots, and the Town Council throughout the entire construction process, working closely with each of the stakeholders to mitigate construction noise and dust.


    15        To raise construction productivity, the project team leveraged collaborative technological platforms such as the Building Information Modelling (BIM), an advanced 3D modelling tool, and Virtual Design & Construction (VDC), a 3D building visualisation tool, to map out and review design plans, so as to organise construction activities holistically. For its quality workmanship, SkyPeak @ Bukit Batok also attained the CONQUAS STAR.