• Published Date: 29 Jun 2021

    HDB's Reply


    Pandemic delays repair works for HDB ceilings
    Date: 29 Jun 2021



    谨答复《联合早报·交流站》于2021年6月17 日刊登的甘震恍读者投函《修补天花板须等一年半 不合理》:

    甘先生于2021年6月1日就其组屋的天花板石灰 剥落问题联系了建屋发展局。建屋局芽笼分局职员 收到反馈后,6月7日上门检查,发现厨房天花板有 少量石灰剥落。

    虽然屋主须负责组屋内部的维修和保养,但我 们的职员通知甘先生,建屋局可通过友好协助计划 (Goodwill Repair Assistance Scheme,简称GRA)为 维修工程提供资助。根据该计划,建屋局帮助屋主 修补,并承担50%的维修费用,其余50%的维修费 用则由屋主承担。

    按照正常情况,建屋局通常需要约一至两个月 的时间,来安排承包商展开GRA维修工程。然而, 冠病疫情造成整个建筑业工人短缺,加上安全管理 措施收紧,现在安排承包商进行GRA维修工作需要 更长的时间。目前的等候时间为四至六个月。

    就甘先生的情况而言,我们的职员向他解释, 以四至六个月的等候时间计算,维修工程可能会在 2021年底展开。我们也告诉他,如果想尽早修补, 可以考虑自行聘用承包商。如果需要帮助,建屋局 可以提供一份承包商名单,让他自行聘用。

    我们已联系甘先生向他澄清,安排GRA维修工 作的等候时间目前为四至六个月,而不是他所认为 的18个月。他已同意参与GRA,我们会在临近日期 时与他联络,安排维修工程。

    我们明白工程延误可能会给屋主带来一些不 便,现正尽力优先进行紧急或关键的工程,并尽可 能地帮助居民。



    We refer to Mr Kum Chang Kwang’s letter, “修补天花板 须等一年半不合理” (17 Jun).

    Mr Kum had contacted HDB about spalling concrete in his flat on 1 June 2021. Following his feedback, HDB staff from the Geylang Branch visited his flat on 7 June, and observed some minor spalling concrete on the ceiling of his kitchen.

    While flat owners are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the interior of their flats, our staff shared with Mr Kum that HDB could assist with the repair works under the Goodwill Repair Assistance (GRA) scheme. Under GRA, HDB will facilitate the flat owner to carry out the repairs, and co-pay 50% of the repair cost. The balance 50% of the repair cost will be borne by the flat owner.

    Under normal circumstances, it would usually take about 1 to 2 months for HDB to schedule a contractor to carry out repairs under GRA. However, due to the industry-wide shortage of construction workers and tightened Safe Management Measures (SMMs) arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, it now takes longer to schedule a contractor for GRA repairs. The waiting time for a contractor to carry out GRA repair works is currently between 4 and 6 months.

    In Mr Kum’s case, our staff had explained to him that the repair works for his flat will likely be carried out in end 2021, taking into account the waiting time of 4 to 6 months. We also shared with him that he could consider engaging his own contractor, if he preferred to carry out the repairs sooner. Should he need help, HDB could provide a list of contractors whom he could engage on a private basis.

    We have since spoken to Mr Kum and clarified with him that the waiting time for the scheduling of repair works under the GRA scheme is currently about 4 to 6 months, and not 18 months as he understood it to be. He has agreed to take up the GRA scheme, and we will contact him nearer to the date, to arrange for the repair works.

    We understand that the delay may cause some inconvenience to flat owners, and are doing our best to prioritise urgent or critical works, and assist residents as much as possible.


    Ang Jie Li
    General Manager (Geylang Branch)
    Housing & Development Board


    Letter to Lianhe Zaobao


    Unreasonable to wait one and a half years for repair of spalling concrete
    Date: 17 Jun 2021

    From: 甘震恍



    我的组屋天花板有几个位置出现石灰剥落的问 题。

    6月1日,我联系建屋发展局。7日,建屋局 职员上门了解情况,说当局会根据友好协助计划 (Goodwill Repair Assistance Scheme)分担一半的维 修费用,但要等到2022年底才会施工,因为人手不 够。我听了大吃一惊,要等18个月,这不太合理。

    石灰剥落的位置在洗碗盆正上方,如果不及时 处理,石灰可能掉下来砸伤人,后果不堪设想。

    疫情当前,我们少出门留在家里。这18个月等 候,肯定给我们增加压力、担心和忧虑。我希望建 屋局能体恤我们,尽早来修复,以免发生意外。


    ZB published a letter by a resident, Kum Chang Kwang, who had contacted HDB on 1 Jun regarding spalling concrete on several parts of his flat’s ceiling. He said an HDB staff member visited his flat on 7 Jun to understand the situation, and informed him that HDB will pay half of the repair costs under the Goodwill Repair Assistance Scheme. However, works can only proceed in end-2022 due to the manpower shortage. Kum was shocked that he would need to wait for 18 months, which he felt was unreasonable. He expressed worry that the spalling concrete may injure someone, and hoped that HDB could arrange for the repair works to be done as soon as possible, to prevent any accidents.