Past HDB Awards Winners

HDB Design Awards

Architectural consultants are conferred the HDB Design Award for achieving exemplary design and quality in completed housing projects. Under the ‘To-be-Built’ category, Innovative Design Awards are given for projects with innovative quality design and refreshing concepts that challenge and elevate our perception of public housing. These designs are showcased to inspire creativity in our architectural consultants.


HDB Construction Awards

Outstanding contractors who demonstrate the highest standards of project management, construction quality, public relations, and innovation for our building projects are rewarded with the HDB Construction Award.


HDB Construction Safety Awards

Contractors who have achieved outstanding safety performance in managing their projects, through the implementation of comprehensive safety and health management systems, are awarded the HDB Construction Safety Award.


HDB Engineering Awards

Civil and structural consultants and contractors are conferred the HDB Engineering Award for engineering excellence in building, upgrading, infrastructure and land reclamation projects. The Award comprises 2 main categories, the HDB Engineering Award (Design) for consultants, and the HDB Engineering Award (Construction) for contractors who have adopted well-integrated design and construction methodology in their projects.

Under the 'To-be-Built' category, Innovative Engineering Awards are given to projects with ingenious and innovative engineering designs that are cost-effective, improve productivity, and promote environmental sustainability.