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Car Parks

How to Display

Here is how you should display your parking coupons.

Motor car

Day parking

You need to tear off the relevant tabs to indicate the date and start time of your parking. If you need more than 1 coupon to cover the parking duration, the start time of the second coupon should be the expiry time of the first coupon.


Today is 23 January 2016. You want to park from 7:35pm to 8:35pm using $0.60 parking coupons. In this instance, you will need 2 parking coupons; one that starts at 7:35pm, and another that starts at 8:05pm.

Night parking

Each $5 Overnight Parking Coupon has ‘AM’ and ‘PM’ tabs so you can indicate when the vehicle was parked.

Example 1

For parking on 23 January 2016 at 10:45pm till 7:00am the next morning, you should tear the ‘PM’ tab and display 23 January 2016.