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Customers’ Experience

We are committed to developing a strong quality service culture and serving you with our very best. This mindset is crystallised by our service tagline, revised in 2013: ‘Making a Great Impact on Customers’ (M.A.G.I.C.). With this mindset, we work together with our customers to understand and address their needs and manage the emotional outcomes.

‘Making a Great Impact on Customers’ (M.A.G.I.C.)

Our M.A.G.I.C. tagline is supported by the HDB Shared Values: Integrity, Learning, Teamwork, Excellence, and Care. 

We try to create M.A.G.I.C. in our many transactions, where acts of service are rendered and championed through several initiatives:

  • Customised training programmes to ensure that our staff continually develop and enhance their service delivery skills
  • Regular surveys such as the Customer Experience Survey, which allows us to engage with our customers and evaluate our performance, as well as find out how we can improve our service standards
  • M.A.G.I.C. CHA CHA CHA service rewards scheme, which recognises and rewards staff for delivering outstanding service. The Champion award is the most prestigious award under this reward scheme, and is given to outstanding members of staff who had gone the extra mile for service.

Featuring our service role models, the 2014 HDB M.A.G.I.C. Champions!

Ms Lim Siow Yah, 2014 HDB MAGIC Champion

Siow Yah is passionate about her work and accomplishes tasks with consistency and innovation.

In 2013, she showed empathy and professionalism in addressing the concerns of an elderly man Mr A, who complained that the floor tiles in his flat were laid too high, requiring additional work by his renovation contractor to hack and re-lay the tiles. The customer relations officer, building contractor, and Branch officer had all tried many times to communicate to Mr A that they were laid professionally, but were unsuccessful in convincing him. They then brought in Siow Yah, who accompanied them to Mr A’s flat to attend to his complaints. During the discussion, Mr A lost his patience and grew agitated. Siow Yah used her mediation skills to calm him down. She then found out from Mr A that he was angry because his contractor had charged him additional costs for the renovation. Siow Yah then went the extra mile to arrange for the Branch to deal with Mr A’s contractor. Mr A was very thankful to Siow Yah for her helpful mediation.

Ms Ho Koon Mun, 2014 HDB MAGIC Champion

Koon Mun has shown care and dedication in helping her customers to complete their resale transactions smoothly.

In 2013, she helped an elderly couple, Mr and Mrs B, with the sale and purchase of their flats. Koon Mun allayed their financial concerns and liaised closely with the CPF Board to obtain confirmation that they would have sufficient funds for the transaction, helping also to explain their situation to their daughter and son-in-law. With Koon Mun’s help and assurance, they managed to complete the resale transactions within the timeframe. Mr and Mrs B were appreciative of Koon Mun’s help in ensuring a smooth transaction despite the complexities involved.

Mr John Lim, 2014 HDB MAGIC Champion

John strives to exceed customers’ expectations to create extraordinary service experiences for them. He has a positive and service-oriented mindset, even when faced with difficult and complex cases in the course of his work.

In 2013, John showed care and dedication in assisting Mrs C, who had applied for a rental flat with her spouse. Mr C was the main applicant, but was unexpectedly imprisoned before their first appointment. As Mrs C was under-aged, Mr C had to remain as the main applicant. John went the extra mile and brought the tenancy agreement to prison for him to sign. However, Mr C was not receptive to signing the tenancy and John thus had to terminate the application for the rental flat. Payment for the flat is typically refunded to the main applicant, but as the payment had earlier been made by Mrs C, John made an exception for the cheque to be refunded to her. Mrs C was thankful to John for going all out to assist her.

Mr James Chan, 2014 HDB MAGIC Champion

James handles his work professionally and with much dedication.

In 2013, James helped an elderly home owner Mdm D and her daughter, Ms E, secure temporary accommodation while their flat was undergoing upgrading under the Home Improvement Programme (HIP). Ms E had trouble finding short-term accommodation and none of their relatives could take them in. James explored various options and eventually obtained special approval to allocate them an interim rental flat. However, the allocated unit posed a challenge to Mdm D as it was not on the lift landing level and Mdm D was immobile. James took further initiative to source for another unit to meet their needs, for which Mdm D and her daughter were very appreciative.