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Community in Bloom - in the Heartlands

‘Bloom’ in the Heartlands

Community in Bloom - in the Heartlands is a collaboration between HDB, NParks, and Residents’ Committees (RCs), which aims to promote greening and strengthen community bonding through gardening.
Besides actively setting aside plots in the precincts for community gardening, HDB also works with the RCs and NParks in the setting up and growing of community gardens.
Gather like-minded neighbours to form a gardening interest group, and approach your RC to set up the community garden. For new estates without RCs yet, contact us at
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Multi-Storey Carpark (MSCP) Roof Gardens

Since 2009, designated sections of the roof of new MSCPs can be transformed and converted into community gardens.

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There are pre-installed features in MSCPs, such as water points and raised planted boxes of varying planter heights for all residents, which facilitate the conversion of the open space to a community garden.
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Get Together

Do you want to organise bonding activities, learn something new together in the gardens or get more individuals to develop an interest for gardening?

You can do so with the HDB Friendly Faces, Lively Places Fund (FFLP)!

Check out some examples of activities and projects in the garden spaces that you can use the funding for:

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Join our drive in greening your community and build long lasting friendships today!

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