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Punggol is certainly no stranger to green activities.  In 2013, the ‘Bin Art Fest @ Punggol’ had the whole town coming forward to paint and decorate bins with eco-themed messages and graphics. The bins now stand proudly throughout Punggol, where they instil a sense of belonging and ownership amongst residents.

Other eco activities in Punggol

Bin Art Bin Art Bin Art
Bin Art

Punggol is also home to these established eco-activities:

Eco Learning Journey
Attended by students and residents, this is a series of ongoing guided trips to Treelodge@Punggol and Punggol Waterway. The Eco Learning Journey raised awareness about the eco features in Punggol while inculcating a stronger sense of eco-consciousness.  Tips on eco-living, energy saving, and recycling are also shared during Eco Learning Journeys.

Heartland Ambassadors Visiting You (HAV.U) visits
Trained student heartland ambassadors often carry out HAV.U house visits at Punggol.  Armed with a ready smile and useful green tips, they help spread the messages of eco and gracious living to fellow residents.