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Eco Learning Journey

The Eco Learning Journey is a half-day guided tour to eco-destinations in Punggol, Singapore’s very first Eco-Town.

The Eco Learning Journey is open to students and Punggol residents. You will get to see and experience the many green innovations in Punggol that support eco-friendly high-rise living.

Your eco itinerary:

  • Treelodge@Punggol
  • My Waterway@Punggol
  • Punggol Town Square
  • Punggol Discovery Cube

You can also organise your own self-guided learning journey with your family and friends to Treelodge@Punggol and My Waterway@Punggol.


Treelodge@Punggol Treelodge@Punggol

Singapore’s first eco-precinct, Treelodge@Punggol, is a BCA Green Mark Platinum Award-winning project, and home to HDB’s one millionth flat!

Using a mix of green technologies and passive design innovations for effective energy, water, and waste management, Treelodge@Punggol delivers a sustainable and liveable green lifestyle to its residents. Residents here enjoy lush landscaping and advanced environmental solutions.

Located at 305A Punggol Road, Treelodge@Punggol is just a stone’s throw from Punggol Waterway, the next stop in your Eco Learning Journey!

My Waterway@Punggol

My Waterway@Punggol

Punggol Waterway is also known as My Waterway@Punggol, and has some impressive figures behind its creation!

My Waterway@Punggol

Beyond being a treasure trove of nature’s wonders, the scenic waterway also showcases several green technologies. From freshwater mangroves that clean the water, to themed outdoor furniture made from recycled materials, Punggol Waterway is an outstanding achievement in urban sustainability.

Punggol Waterway has won numerous accolades, including a prestigious international award – the Grand Prize for Excellence in Environmental Engineering, awarded by the American Academy of Environmental Engineers.

Punggol Town Square

Flanked by Waterway Point Mall and My Waterway @ Punggol, the new Punggol Town Square is a great gathering point for Punggol residents, where they can come together and mingle while enjoying various events and activities.


Punggol Discovery Cube

Housed in Punggol Town Square is the Punggol Discovery Cube, where visitors can learn about the transformation of Punggol from a fishing village into a sustainable waterfront town, and discover the exciting plans for public housing projects in Singapore's first Eco-Town.

Punggol Discovery Cube

Join Us as an Eco-Guide!

Interested in volunteering as an eco-guide for our ELJs? Be part of HDB’s Friends of Our Heartlands, and participate in a myriad of volunteering opportunities and training to make a difference in the community. Join us now!

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