The HDB Greenprint aims to transform existing public housing estates into greener and more sustainable homes for residents to live in. It was first piloted at the Yuhua estate, where 38 blocks of flats have been transformed into a ‘Green Neighbourhood’.
A series of Greenprint Outreaches (GO) were organised for the residents of Yuhua to learn more about HDB Greenprint and tips on how to lead an eco-friendly lifestyle.


The HDB Greenprint exhibition held on 6 Oct 2012 at Yuhua marked the start of our partnership with residents for HDB Greenprint. Residents learnt about the plans under HDB Greenprint, and shared their views actively during the exhibition.

GO.Eco Learning Journeys

Since its launch, we have organised learning journeys to HDB’s Centre of Building Research to educate Yuhua residents on sustainable technologies and green practices. Residents welcomed the smart technologies and green features that were going to be installed in their neighbourhood.


Residents at Yuhua were visited by student volunteers who inspired residents to live the eco-way by sharing tips on gracious and responsible heartland living.

Lively Places Programme

Learn more about the Lively Places Programme and how you can start your own community project in your town to bring residents together, foster stronger bonds, and promote neighbourliness.