Eco Trails

Discover the Eco Trails that will bring you around eco-destinations to explore the many green innovations that support eco-friendly high-rise living.

You can also check out the highlights of our past Eco Learning Journeys and explore interesting Heartland Spots via the HDB Map Services.


Punggol Eco-Town

Learn about the transformation of Punggol from its early days as a fishing village to where it is today. Choose from the different Eco Trails to learn more about Punggol, Singapore's first eco-town.

explorer trail map 

Eco Trail Resource Kit

Interested to embark on an Eco Trail with your school or community?
The Eco Trail Resource Kit helps educators prepare students to take on the role as Eco Guides and organise Eco Trails on their own. The Resource Kit is available for Primary and Secondary levels and includes:

  • Training Materials for Educators (Powerpoint Slides and Training Notes)
  • Materials for Eco Guides (Handbook for Eco Guides)
  • Worksheets for Participants

If you’re embarking on the Eco Trail with your school or community, register your interest and receive complimentary tokens (for the participants) from us. Please provide the following details at least two weeks in advance via email to

  • Name:
  • Date and Time of Eco Trail:
  • Contact No:
  • No. of Participants:

In view of the current COVID-19 situation, we would like to remind everyone to observe safe management measures while exploring the eco trails.

Click to download the resources below:

Resources Primary Level Secondary Level
Training Materials for Educators

Training For Eco Guides Image For Primary

Additional Resource for Trainer's Image

Training For Eco Guides Image Secondary

Additional Resource for Trainer's Image

Materials for Eco Guides Handbook for Primary 

Handbook For Secondary

Worksheets for Participants

Explorer [PDF/2.3 MB]

Explorer Worksheets for Primary

Voyager [PDF/2.1 MB]

Voyager Worksheets Cover page for Primary

Explorer [PDF/3 MB]

Explorer Trail Student Worksheet for Secondary

Voyager [PDF/2.1 MB]

Voyager Worksheets Cover page for Secondary   

Contact Us

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